The SMEG Oven Symbols Guide

The Smeg oven symbols manual - what is the meaning of controls

We can probably all agree that today, ovens are an indispensable piece of technology that no kitchen (or cook, for that matter) can live without. But while wiring these powerful pizza and cake factories to your power grid is a challenge in and of itself, your troubles are in no way over. (more…)

Lawn Care Tips for Spring and Summer

lawn care tips for spring and summer by fantastic services

The average gardening enthusiast will often focus on weeding and tidying up their garden in the early spring. They may also rush to buy new plant varieties in between cutting the grass at the first sunny and dry opportunity. But their lawn care efforts usually end with that, and thus, they obviously neglect important aspects of lawn maintenance.

With this post, we want to bring to your attention everything you need to know about maintaining the lushness of your green plot in the spring and summer months. Bear in mind you will find a lot of resources on the Internet advising on different tactics. (more…)

You and your friends get a Fantastic £20 OFF – PLUS you have the chance to win £200!

fantastic referral programme and competition for 200 pounds

Most referral schemes give you or a friend money off. The Fantastic Referral Programme gives you AND your friends money off!


Simply refer a friend to join and book any service via Fantastic Services or the GoFantastic app.

For a limited time only – April 27th to May 31st 2018 – instead of the standard £10, your friends will get £20 OFF their first service. Every time a friend completes an appointment, you’ll also get £20 credit added to your account! That’s a big saving for your friend’s first service – and double the standard value for you.

Now here’s the best part! Have the most successful completed referrals by the end of our £20 promotion on 31.05.2018 and you’ll be in with a chance of winning £200 of free credits, in addition to the credits you’ve already made from your referrals! (more…)

How to Clean Lily Pollen Stains from Fabrics

lily pollen stains

Got a lovely bouquet of gorgeous smelling flowers? You rush to put them in a vase, of course, only to find on the following day that some pollen has escaped and stained your sofa or carpet. Tulips, fuschias, orchids can all readily become the culprits behind the colourful mess on nearby surfaces or of the unsightly stain on your white shirt.

But lilies are by far the biggest offenders. (more…)