Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Do-it-yourself Carpet Cleaning

Do it yourself carpet cleaning vs professional carpet cleaning

Is it finally time to clean your carpet for the first time? Did your neighbours and relatives shower you with DIY methods? Maybe some friends of yours recommended a couple of local companies to hire. Now you are left wondering which is actually better. DIY or a professional carpet cleaning?

Here you will learn everything you need to know about these two methods along with their pros and cons and make your choice a bit easier.

Now, let’s start with the definitions for a DIY carpet cleaning and a professional carpet cleaning.

Can My Neighbour Put Up a Fence Without My Permission

garden fence

Dealing with uncooperative neighbours is never a pleasant task, especially in terms of house boundaries. Let’s say you wake up one day and the same annoying Mr Whatshisname has installed a huge and ugly fence without bothering to ask you. Before you surrender to the urge of tearing down the wall with your bare hands, hear us out: There are a few things you can try in order to find justice in this situation.

Steam Carpet Cleaning vs Carpet Shampooing

Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is extremely important if you desire to keep your floor covering looking good for a longer period of time. Also, systematic carpet maintenance is crucial for a healthy home, especially for people with allergies.

But wait… What do my allergies have to do with the rug in my living room?

Well, you’ll be surprised how much bacteria and carpets have in common. Rugs are basically a magnet for allergens like mould spores, dust mites, dander and other types of icky stuff that cause people to sneeze and cough. In order to get rid of those, you need to deep clean your carpet as frequently as possible.

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