Right now, you are probably wondering: is it Christmas yet? Well, you can quickly find out here https://www.isitchristmas.com/. Thank you, Technology! However, the holiday season – especially in recent years – comes with tonnes of other inconveniences that leave us perplexed and anxious.

  • What food to prepare for our guests?
  • What to write on the Christmas cards?
  • How do you even wrap stuff in wrapping paper?

Luckily, the year is almost 2019 and if you have a problem, there’s probably an application that can help you solve it (or at least one that helps you alleviate the burden).

#1. Micromanage Your Gifts with Santa’s Bag

There is a better way to keep track of what you’ll get for your family, close friends, and the people you care-about-but-not-that-much. Santa’s Bag is a nifty little app for iOS that lets you create a list of the gifts you have prepared, and it has a tab for the billing information which is especially helpful when you are keeping an eye on your budget.

The best part is that it is free, and there’s a Chrismas counter to help you fuel your excitement… or heighten your anxiety (in case you actually dread the holiday season).

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#2. Make Your Home Truly Festive with Christmas Decorations

Okay, so they didn’t exactly come up with the most creative of names with this. But it doesn’t matter, the important thing here is that if you can install an app on your phone, then you probably also have the motor skills to handle the decoration of your place – especially when there’s a machine telling you what to do every step of the way.

The app promises step-by-step instructions and information about all the glittering supplies that you will ever need. Basically, it includes comprehensive guidelines and pictures that will help you turn even the gloomiest place into a warm, cosy crib where Christmas carols come to life!

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#3. Wrap Your Gifts with the Gift Wrapping Ideas

We are reeeally starting to sense a theme going on here. Anyway, imagine that you are about to receive a Christmas gift from the Queen herself. How would you feel if she didn’t take the time to wrap it properly? Well, you probably wouldn’t mind all that much since you are getting a present from a royalty and who cares about wrapping, right? Well, that is exactly the point. Some people do care about such details and the Gift Wrapping Ideas app (available at Google Play) has over a hundred wonderful ideas about wrapping your gifts that you can borrow.

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#4. Prepare Amazing X-mass Dishes with BigOven

BigOven boasts a vast library with thousands of mouth-watering recipes. Things can get pretty shambolic in the kitchen, but this nifty application helps you stay on track. You can make groceries lists, add snapshots of the meals you’ve cooked, and the social feature allows you to follow what your friends, family, and favourite bloggers are preparing. Who said cooking is hard?

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#5. Manage Your Holiday Trip with KAYAK

Are you planning to spend the holiday season away from wherever you reside? Splendid! But nowadays, even a trip to the grocery store for a bag of potato chips can quickly turn into a Tolkienesque adventure, let alone a sky-high cruise aboard a passenger plane.

With KAYAK, you can plan and manage every step of your holiday adventure from your mobile device. From purchasing discounted plane tickets to reserving hotel rooms, it’s all gravy. And for those of us who tend to be forgetful, there’s also an option to get real-time flight status alerts.

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#6. Stay Focused with Forest

Just because it is the merriest time of the year doesn’t mean that the world is taking a break. And remaining focused while everyone else is having fun can be a truly Herculean effort (a shout out to all the students out there). But don’t worry, for Forest will help you stay sharper than a butcher’s knife by, well, keeping you away from your phone.

You start by planting a tree. Survive for 30 minutes without reaching out to your phone and your tree will blossom. Browse your Facebook feed and you’ll get – you’ve guessed it – a dead tree. Each grown plant becomes part of your very own forest (hence the name) and you can even send donations to plant real trees and aid the green cause!

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#7. Stay in Shape with Charity Miles

If there are two things that can summarise Christmas best, it’s food and donations to charity. And what if we told you that there is an app where you can both work out and give money to those in need? Whether you’re out for a walk, run a marathon, or ride a bike, the Charity Miles app will keep track of the miles you’ve traversed. When you’re done, this mileage is converted into real-life money (10 cents per mile for biking and 25 cents for walking/running) that is sent to well-known organisations, such as Stand Up to Cancer, World Wildlife Fund, and many more.

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#8. Free up More Time for the Holidays with Quiqup


At this point, you have perhaps accepted the fact that every Christmas comes with an overly long list of chores that need to be done then and there. But while you clean with the one hand and push the shopping cart with the other, how much time do you really have to actually appreciate the “peace and quiet” that everybody so feverishly keeps talking about? A day, maybe two tops?

Well, that’s about to change with Quiqup. With this useful app, you can save some precious time by hiring a personal courier to help you out with everything you need. Starving for a pizza? You’ll have it delivered to your doorstep. Forgot important paperwork at the office and want someone to fetch it in time for dinner? Here you go. Just enter your postcode, assign your mission to one of Quiqup’s trusty and trackable couriers, and enjoy your extra time at the family table!

#9. Be Stylish with WEAR

Let’s be honest for a second – by now you probably know that the only pieces of clothing that you are going to get as Christmas gifts are woolly sweaters and, if you’re lucky, a cosy pair of socks. So, if you want to wear something fashionable come 2017, then WEAR is your go-to app.

With WEAR, you can stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and discover new brands that fit the style you’re going for. You can also borrow countless ideas from its active community to mesmerise your guests with a truly stunning outfit. Finally, its intuitive shopping section allows you to browse and purchase clothing from hundreds of established stores with just a few taps!

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#10. Figure Out What to Drink with The Liquor Cabinet

With so many guests arriving this Christmas, trying to appeal to everyone with a non-alcoholic eggnog (who drinks that, anyway?) is a lost cause. Now, you could fill your bar with lots of red wine and bourbon. But you’re here because you’re looking for an alternative. Gather round liquor connoisseurs, for it’s time to see what’s stashed inside the Liquor Cabinet.

Featuring a slick design and helpful photographs, this app is your spirit guide (literally) to all the famous cocktails in the world. Just pick your drink of choice and either tap the “Find a Recipe” or “Find a Bottle” buttons to bring the classic cocktails to life in the comfort of your home. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check the thrilling stories behind each drink to draw some inspiration!

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#11. Christmas Tree Collection & Disposal with GoFantastic

No holiday season is complete without a fresh-smelling, heavily-decorated fir. But who is going to take care of the plant once the festivities come to a close? Well you are in luck because, with Fantastic Services’ GoFantastic app, you can have your real Christmas tree disposed of in an eco-friendly manner at the tap of a button (M25 area only)! Here’s how the app works.

Get the GoFantastic app to book your tree collection & disposal for any day between the 5th and 31st of January. A Fantastic Services technician will then arrive at your place to load the tree inside a van of suitable size and take it to the nearest recycling centre. Yes, it’s that simple! Just make sure to place your order three days in advance to arrange an exact date for your service.

Didn’t have enough time to wrap the Christmas lights around your fir? Upon request, the expert can also visit your property to meticulously adorn your tree with your personal decorations.

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Available on Google Play

#12. Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Unbroken with Stride

At the end of each year we often convince ourselves that, once the new year rolls out, things will be totally different. And we know what cruel fate these promises usually meet. Enter Strides – a goal-tracking app that can help you follow this New Year’s resolutions through for a change.

This app lets lets you choose between a long list of predefined goals, but you can also create your own. It also features different dashboards that show detailed graphs about your desired target, goals, habits, averages, and milestones. But here’s where things get interesting.

Strides asks you to report on your progress, so if you didn’t get, say, an X amount of gifts before December 24, it will gladly send you on a guilt trip to the nearest store. Now that’s efficiency!

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Image source: Maglara/bigstockphoto.com

  • Last update: February 26, 2019

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