7 Fantastic Valentine’s Day Deals for You

7 fantastic valentine deals for you

Don’t get caught short this Valentine’s Day! The same old flowers-and-chocolates routine might have worked last year, but don’t let it become a habit! Instead, why not try out something a little bit different?

(Cards on the table: we’ve also included a few handy last minute options for those amongst you who might have forgotten to buy the odd item in the rush to spend time with the one you love.)

This being a Fantastic Services list, there’s money to be saved and money off to be had with every one of our Valentine’s Day partners’ services. (You can avoid mentioning this bit to your date!)

Check them out:

1) Uspaah

Uspaah in Partnership with Fantastic Services for Valentine's Day

Get yourself and your partner into the right frame of mind for a pleasurable evening together, with a relaxing in-home appointment with one or two of Uspaah’s fine-fingered therapists. Let them ease you out of your daily grind, and into the mood for love…

And if you are later planning on a date night out and want to leave your significant other breathless with your glamorous looks, let the best stylists cover all your beauty needs and allow your inner movie star to shine through and steal the evening’s spotlights.

So what’s the deal?

Fantastic Services’ partnership with the lovely folk over at Uspaah gets you £15 OFF your massage or beauty service booking via the app. Use promo code FANTASTIC15 at iTunes.

2) Cocoba

Cocoba in Partnership with Fantastic Services for Valentine's Day

Oh no! It’s back, and equally as dangerous to the waistlines of the Fantastic Services office staff as before. The delicious treats offered by Cocoba will help you set the mood for any evening…

No matter the taste of your significant other, you’ll find that the huge variety of handmade premium Belgian chocolate and flavour combinations that Cocoba offers will feature something your other half will really love.

They also offer truffles, chocolate bars, and drinking chocolate. Just saying…

So what’s the deal?

Fantastic Services’ partnership with Cocoba gets you 15% of every mouth-watering product from them. Use promo code FS15 at www.CocobaChocolate.com

3) Prezzybox

Prezzybox in Partnership with Fantastic Services for Valentine's Day

Flowers for Valentine’s Day? Traditional! But… maybe a little over-done? Of course, they’re usually appreciated – but what if you could get something a little bit more exciting for the girl or guy in your life?

Prezzybox can help you do just that. Just pick out something special from their range of personalised gifts for the one who makes you happy.

So what’s the deal?

Fantastic Services’ partnership with Prezzybox gets you off 15% off gifts this Valentine’s Day! Use promo code FANTASTIC15 at www.prezzybox.com

4) Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services Helps Out with the Home Chores on Valentine's Day

Maybe you are planning to avoid the crowded restaurants this February 14

If you are the type of people who prefer spending the holiday in a cozy home-like atmosphere, setting up everything on your own for Valentine’s Day seems to be too much on your plate. How about leaving everything in the hands of our experts who will get your home ready for the perfect Night In.

So what’s the deal?

Enjoy a relaxing massage, get your outfit ready, buy presents and cook dinner for your beloved one while we make your place sparkle!  Get £10 OFF your next service with promo code XOXO at www.fantasticservices.com

5) Beer52

Beer52 in Partnership with Fantastic Services for Valentine's Day

It’s a craft beer club that delivers to your door! Whoop! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the hops lover in your life, with a box of hand-picked craft beers.

If you haven’t used the service before, they’ll send you a welcome box with some of their current favourites. In the interests of good customer support, the beer enthusiasts amongst the Fantastic Services office staff tried them out. In short:


So what’s the deal?

Beer52 have partnered up with Fantastic Services to give you a real dose of relaxation this Valentine’s Day. Get a £10 OFF BEER voucher for use on your first order! Use promo code FAB10 at www.beer52.com

6) Uber

UBER in Partnership with Fantastic Services for Valentine's Day

Going somewhere special with your Valentine? Turn up in style – and without having to be out in the cold for too long – by ordering an Uber. The new version of the Uber app lets you see the cars moving around your local area, which is ideal for making sure you don’t have to have any awkward waiting around with your date.

So what’s the deal?

Fantastic Services’ partnership with the on-demand taxi app means that you can get up to £15 OFF your first journey. Use promo code FANTASTIC15 at www.uber.com

7) Quiqup

Quiqup in Partnership with Fantastic Services for Valentine's Day

What if you forget to buy something important? No matter what it is, Quiqup is the service you need. It’s like a combination of a personal shopper and a delivery service. You simply order whatever you need, and your personal Quiqee (the name for their drivers!) will shop and pickup the flowers, chocolates, wine or ingredients for tonight’s dinner, and drop them to your door on-demand. Simple and convenient!

So what’s the deal?

Fantastic Services has teamed up with the on-demand logistics app which means your next pickup is FREE! Simply use promo code FANTASTIC16 at www.quiqup.com or download the app now!

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