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Common AEG Appliance Error Codes

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You may have invested in a high-quality AEG appliance but even the best machines can malfunction for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the problem can be obvious, however, at other times you won’t be able to put your finger on what is causing your AEG appliance to act up.

In times like this, you will need to know what the flashing error code means. Figuring out what exactly is wrong with your AEG appliance can also help you determine whether the problem is easy to fix or if you will need a professional appliance repair.

So, if you:

  • See a flashing code on your AEG appliance but you don’t know what it means;
  • Want to know what to do once you’ve identified the fault of your appliance;
  • Are curious to learn more about AEG appliances

Then, keep reading! In this article, we will mention the most common fault codes you may see on your appliance and explain what can be the reason behind them.

Common AEG washing machine error codes

If you see a flashing message on your appliance but you don’t know what it means, check below for the reasons behind the most common AEG washing machine error codes. You may be able to solve some of the below-mentioned errors on your own. However, when feeling unsure, it is always better to contact a professional technician just to stay on the safe side. AEG washing machine fault codes can be more complicated than they seem at first, so you won’t be making a mistake if you turn to specialists for help.

  • E10 / E11 / E12 / C1 – Insufficient water or drain issue 
  • E13 – Pressure switch fault, low water pressure or leakage
  • E20, E21 or C2Drain issue, probable filter blockage or pump fault
  • E30 / C3 –  Water is leaking, possibly because of an incorrectly attached supply hose or laundry stuck in the door
  • E40 / E41 – Door lock faulty, door not closed correctly
  • C9 / F9 / E50 / E59 – Imbalance during a spin cycle or overloading
  • E60 (or any code beginning with E6) – Heating problem
  • E52 / E54 – Motor movement detected 
  • E56 – Problem with motor carbon brushes
  • E80 or 8 flashes – Cycle selector is set incorrectly
  • E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 / E94 – Configuration/communication problems with the electronic parts
  • EA0 / EAO – Drum position sensor fault
  • Eb0 / Ebo –  Low voltage of the power supply
  • EF0 / EFO / EF3 – Too much detergent used causing a leak
  • EH0 – Power supply problem
  • EH1 – Frequency of power supply out of range
  • EH2 – Supply voltage too high
  • EH3 – Supply voltage too low

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Common AEG dishwasher error codes

Here we’ve put together the most common AEG dishwasher error codes, aiming to help you understand the possible reasons why your appliance ceases to function. One usual problem, for example, is when the dishwasher stops heating. This can be caused by several factors.

You can use the mentioned below AEG dishwasher fault codes to assess whether you can solve the problem on your own or you will need to contact a professional technician. Even if the issue seems to be easily solvable but you feel like you don’t have the necessary skills, feel free to ask an expert for help or just a piece of advice.

  • i10 / i11 / C1 / F1 / AL5No water coming into the dishwasher
  • i20 / C2 / F2 / AL6 – Draining problem
  • i40 / i43 / i44Filter is not clean
  • i30 – Over foaming or leaking
  • i70 – Temperature sensor detecting a defect
  • i80 – Auto door function is not working
  • C3 / AL4 – Possible leak

Common AEG tumble dryer error codes

If your tumble dryer starts to beep or display odd codes, don’t panic yet. Your appliance is simply giving you a sign that there is something wrong, but you can always trust professional technicians to help you with that. The AEG dryer error code you are seeing might mean a drainage problem or that the door is not closed properly.

To find out whether you should contact a specialist or you can fix the problem on your own, check the most common AEG tumble dryer fault codes below.

  • E20 / C2 or 2 beeps/flashes – Drainage, pump or software problem
  • E40 – Door isn’t closed properly 
  • E50 – Motor or software problem
  • E54 – Motor fault
  • E60 – Heating problem
  • E61 – Insufficient heating
  • E64 – Heater thermostat fault
  • E80 – Problem with cycle selector or the software
  • EHO/EH0 – Power supply issue
  • C6 – Moisture sensor problem
  • C7 – Problem with a heating element
  • C8 – Temperature sensor problem
  • CD – Door’s latch issue
  • CE/CF –  Problem with the electronics, do not use until the problem is fixed and contact a technician
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Common AEG induction hob error codes

We know that seeing a faulty code on your induction hob is no fun. Fortunately, this doesn’t immediately mean that your kitchen appliance is damaged. Often the case is that the owned cookware is simply not suitable for the induction hob. Have a look at the list of common AEG induction hob error codes and decide whether you should seek professional help.

  • E0 – Electronics fault
  • E1 – Kitchenware compatibility issue
  • E4 – Temperature sensor coil defective or overheating protection is operating 
  • E5 – Supply voltage out of range
  • E6 – Induction module failure
  • E8 – Communication error with the power board

Common AEG oven fault codes

If your AEG oven suddenly starts to act up and cease to work properly, an error code will most probably appear, indicating to you what is the issue. In this section, you can find the most common AEG oven fault codes, which will help you fix the problem. You can also choose to contact a professional oven technician if you aren’t sure how to handle the situation.

  • F0 – No alarm signal
  • F1 – Oven door cannot close
  • F2 – Oven door cannot unlock
  • F3 – Self-test error
  • F4 – Temperature sensor fault
  • F5 – Error with the electronic control board
  • F7 – Mains supply issue
  • F8 – Power supply issue to control board
  • F9 – Processor is auto-resetting

Do you need a professional repairman?

If you have identified a fault code that is pointing to a complex fault and you don’t know how to deal with it, you can always rely on our certified and insured appliance repair experts. They will come fully equipped and save you from all the hassle. If you can provide your appliance’s brand, model and fault code to our repairmen prior to the visit, they could be able to pre-purchase the parts needed and save you even more time and money.


  • When there is something wrong with your AEG appliance, an error code will flash to indicate the cause.
  • The most common causes of fault codes are improperly closed doors, insufficient water, heating or drainage issues.
  • The most common causes of fault codes are improperly closed doors, insufficient water, heating or drainage issues.


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