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We do any task and chore & minimal contact services!

Fantastic Services is the place where you can book over 100 professional services for your home, your garden, and your workplace.

But we realise that we can’t cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s when it comes to helping you with whatever you need help with.

Or can we?

You see, over the years, some of our customers have approached us with some very… peculiar requests.

“Can you explain the ending of Lost, please?”

“Is there somebody who can turn off the lights AFTER I fall asleep?”

“Can you open this jar of mayo for me?”

And while we really wanted to help, and really looked for a mayo jar opening engineer to hire, there was no way for us to handle such tasks and chores.

But you see, Fantastic Services is not this one thing that is set in stone and always stays the same like some crusty old vampire. No! Fantastic Services is a magical unicorn that flies around town on jet skis and creates happy rainbows.

So we are thrilled and exalted to tell you that from now on we do any chore and task you could think off. Or at least we hope that we will be able to. Let’s just say that right now there is a lot that we can do and help you.

Need somebody to walk your dog? Done.

Do you want your groceries collected and delivered? Sure thing!

Need that jar of mayo opened? Our mayo jar opening skills have been refined to a world-class degree!

So head over to our we-do-any-chore page and check out what we’ve got in store for you!

Minimal contact services

On the other hand, we realise that right now you might be reluctant to go outside or meet people. With the situation and all. That’s fine, you can self-isolate for as long as necessary. And we got your back. In fact, while we are at it, let us tell you that some of our services are indeed minimal contact or no contact at all. And we have taken all necessary safety measures, following government guidelines.

In other words, you can still have your front garden pampered without meeting anybody. Or your gutters cleaned. Head over to our website and check out the minimal contact services section available in our online booking. The list includes:

Get your property maintained with our minimal contact services.

Enter your postcode to get started:

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  • We're certified:

As usual, all of this is available in our GoFantastic mobile app so give it a try in case you haven’t!

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