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Fantastic Services on a Bucket List by Good With Money

Fantastic Services is apparently! On the online ethical financial advice website Good With Money, Fantastic Services recently got the nod as a sound investment choice.

Which, as the entire Good With Money site is dedicated to helping people spend their money wisely and in a morally responsible way – is quite the point in our favour!

Keep on reading to learn a little bit more about what the Good With Money team are all about in general, and what they had to say about our domestic services in particular. 

Good With Money, with its neat little tagline “More Money. Fewer Problems.“, was created by founders Becky O’Connor and Lisa Stanley with the aim of helping people be good with money, and do good with money.

Tired of the usual heartless or morally dubious advice they’d heard from a lot of financial advisers, the duo realised they had a wealth of journalistic, ethical banking, and communications experience between them.

It was the perfect combination for starting a website which would advise people on how to make sound financial decisions while still keeping a firm moral footing.

40 Things To Do – Hire a Domestic Services Company

Fantastic Services gets a mention in a recent Good With Money article -“40 things to do when you hit 40“, a sort of bucket list on how and why to take stock and plan for the future when you hit the big four-oh.

Apparently editor Becky O’Connor, one of the aforementioned Good With Money founders, used Fantastic Services and was favourably impressed by our oven cleaning and professional house cleaning skills! The financial expert suggests you hire a domestic services company to reduce stress and get more free time.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Get Ethical Investment Advice

Good With Money is a great choice for a visit if you’re looking for a wealth of features on how to:

  • Find a good current account or savings account
  • Invest ethically
  • Pay off debt

As well as numerous other articles written in the site’s trademark pleasantly businesslike tone. The focus is almost always on the moral implications of the advice being handed out. A welcome change from your standard financial advice!

You can read the 40 things to do when you hit 40 article in full by following the link.

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Last update: August 27, 2018

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