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Baby on the way? Fantastic Services is here to help.

A recent study has found out that new parents are sleep-deprived. Thanks, science, this isn’t really news to us. But what’s actually curious, the researchers have found out that the sleep deprivation period can last for up to 6 years. Okay, now we’re worried.

The observation has revealed that the 3rd month is the worst because that’s when the behaviour of the baby becomes unpredictable. Mothers are more affected than fathers at this stage. Eventually, as the child grows, the parents will be getting more sleep.

But up to six years is waaay-too-long of a time to be grumpy and tired. Besides, we are no sleep scientists but we know this isn’t fantastic at all. Sleep is important. We spend a third of our lives in bed, after all.

So, how do we fix this? Is there any way we can be of use to new parents? You bet! In our range of services, you will find various solutions to some of the common hassles that new parents go through. For example:

The baby is on the way and you need to move to a bigger place.

Well, we are expert movers. Just pack all your things (or let us handle that for you as well) and we can move all your belongings to your new place. You can also arrange a comprehensive End of Tenancy Cleaning for the old place. It’s all done in accordance to agency-approved checklists and it comes with a 48-hour guarantee.

The baby is almost here and you need a crib fast.

Did you know that we can collect the furniture you wish to purchase and deliver it to your doorstep? Oh, and we’ve got all the tools to assemble the crib as well! Just book our Furniture Collection & Delivery service.

You saw a cockroach in the kitchen.

Of course, we can’t have pesky bugs and rodents around the house with a baby on the way. Simply book our highly effective Pest Control service for your place. We will send a fully qualified and experienced technician who will carefully examine the place and carry out the most adequate pest treatment in order to eliminate the existing threat and provide lasting protection.

Dad, you are busy with work. Mum, you take care of the baby. Sleep is scarce these days. You are tired. The domestic chores can wait for another 5 years.

With everyone being so busy and tired, some of the domestic chores can pile up. That’s when our Domestic Cleaning comes in. You can book a single visitation every now and then, we will send a maid to clean up your place for as many hours as necessary. Also, you can schedule regular services to your place with a frequency that works best for you. Besides, you can have the same cleaner every time. They will mind your specific needs and follow your to-do list. Other than cleaning and de-cluttering, they can help you with the dishes, the laundry, folding clothes, and ironing as well.

Some things around the house need fixing but dad is too busy with work.

Every now and then you need a handy helping hand to fix a few things. Leaky faucet? The boiler isn’t working? The window is kind of drafty? Well, this looks like a job for a plumber. Or an electrician. Or a handyman. We will send the right tradesperson with all the necessary equipment to fix whatever needs fixing.

Accidental spills and stains have reached the sofa and the carpet

Gravity. What can you do about it? With a baby at home, some messy accidents are just bound to happen. But, no matter the mess, our Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is a great way to get rid of all the stains. We use effective pre-treatment detergents to dissolve the stains and highly effective Hot Water Extraction equipment to restore the fabric. Besides, this has a great effect on reducing dust mites and drastically improves indoor air quality.


Well, that’s about it, new parents. We hope this was useful. So, if you need a little help around your place, maybe book online or give us a call. We’ll do our best to bring you the services that solve your hassles so you can be a little more rested and focused on what’s truly important to you. Oh, and if you are curious about that sleep study, you can take a look here.

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