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Which Are The Best Areas to Live in Birmingham – Including Areas to Avoid

With a job growth rate three times the UK average, it comes as no surprise that Birmingham is prospering. The ever-growing economy has opened more working opportunities for people, and the city authorities need to think about accommodating those new workers.

As a new Brummie, you will have to choose an area in Birmingham that suits your needs and budget. Luckily, at least for now, the property prices are far lower than those in London. However, where exactly should you start your search? What areas might be good for you? What areas would be suitable if you are with family? Which areas you might want to avoid?

In this article, we will give you the answers to those and other questions.

So if you are:

  • New Brummie trying to figure it out;
  • Birmingham university freshman;
  • Someone considering to invest in a property in Birmingham.

You will find this read useful.

First things first, let us point out that the term “best” will mean something completely different to each of us. So, in order to be objective, we need to make it clear that the following areas may be best for one and not so suitable for others.

Table of Contents:

Best areas to live in Birmingham

If you are about to live in an area of Birmingham and you have intentions to stay, you should consider buying a property. Even if you decide to sell it afterwards or rent it out, there is a chance that you’ll get most if not all of your investment back and even make interest on it.

So, let’s start with the areas of Birmingham, which might be the most interesting from an investor’s point of view.


Edington is a promising area. It has a booming main street, which is home to many local businesses. You can find almost anything you need on High Street, Erdington. It is close to Birmingham’s city centre, which gives it lots of bonus points. It is well-connected with other parts of the city, thanks to the city’s transport system, and it is even close to an airport. One more reason for this area to be scoped by investors is its neighbour, Sutton Coldfield. Sutton Coldfield is considered one of the most expensive areas in Birmingham and people believe that the prices in Erdington will be eventually similar to those in Sutton. So, get on the property market ladder while you can…

Kings Heath & Moseley

These two Birmingham villages form an area quite close to the city centre. It has lots of green spaces, it is not crowded and it’s one of those places, preferred by young families. Recently, Birmingham had its first metropolitan mayor – Andy Street. He personally promised in his campaigns that he would start working on a railway project between Birmingham and Kings Heath & Moseley. This will undoubtedly increase interest in the area.

Jewellery Quarter

We saved the pearl for last. This area is preferred by professionals in the tech industry and those working in the media niche. This is so, thanks to the very fact that the Jewellery Quarter is home to many businesses of this type. The area is within walking distance of the city centre. The younger inhabitants of the area make its nightlife a bit spicier, and there is no lack of clubs and pubs around. There is no doubt that the technology industry will only get bigger and bigger, where of course, salaries are quite competitive. This can soon turn Jewellery Quarter into an overpriced area, but indeed, one of the best to live in.

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Other nice areas in Birmingham

The following areas are not only characterised by their convenient transport connections, beautiful parks and busy shops but also by trendy places to eat and cultural venues. Each district is suitable for a different type of people and each has unique perks, making it a prime location.


One of the most promising areas on the rise. Digbeth is a preferred location by young entrepreneurs and different startups. You can enjoy a variety of music and cultural events, the dates and places for which can usually be seen at the Custard Factory.


A peaceful and well-kept place, where you can escape from the fast pace and noise of the big city. This suburb is a home to legendary pubs and eateries. There’s even a Michelin-starred restaurant if you ever need to impress a special someone on a night out. The local Pool and Fitness Centre was recently modernised, thanks to an investment of £12m. The only downside of this area is that it is a bit posh and most of the properties are large, making them costly for most people. You can read more about the overall cost of living in Birmingham here.

Sutton Coldfield

One of the most preferred borough by families. Sutton Coldfield has a variety of properties of all sizes. The prices for an average house can go to around £350,000 but when you compare this to prices for smaller properties, things don’t look so bad. The biggest park in the area is Sutton Park. It is probably the main attraction in the area, although, the borough has a lively centre, too. The number of good schools, available properties and places for relaxation makes Sutton a go-to place for young families. It even has a direct rail link to Birmingham city centre.


Another well-desired and family-friendly area. However, in Bournville, houses get sold as soon as they appear on the market. It proves difficult to buy a property here because of the excellent schools, quiet parks and of course, Cadbury World. The chocolate factory of Cadbury is actually the reason this borough was born. It was supposed to house the workers in the factory. However, its lack of pubs and the area’s overall pleasantness make it hard to resist for young couples with children.

Areas of Birmingham to avoid

There is no particular reason to avoid any area in Birmingham. The statistic shows that Birmingham has pretty much the same crime rate as cities of its calibre. However, keep in mind that the statistics can vary from year to year.

However, we can’t just disregard Birmingham’s past and its notorious gangs, probably the most famous of which is the “Peaky Blinders”. There is even a serial movie about them.

So, in order for you to stay safe in the city, it is best to stay clear of Lozells, Handsworth, and Northfield. Those are the areas with higher crime rates. It is also a good idea to stick with public transport, as most of the registered crimes are vehicle-related. Keep clear of the areas with high crime rates, especially during the nighttime. The very centre of Birmingham and the area around Cineworld are highlighted in red in most crime maps of Birmingham. Consider that while planning your nights out.

Following in the Peaky Blinders’ footsteps new gangs like the Burger Bar Crew, the Frankley Killers and others are having open warfare on the streets of the city. As a regular citizen, you are not a target of those acts, but you need to stay clear of the crossfire. Know your area well, it is best to live there for a couple of days or even weeks, before moving in for good. Especially, if you are planning to buy a property.


  • Birmingham has something for all. Singles who love city life and young families that want to relax and nurture their kids in a safe environment can all enjoy starting a new life in many of the city’s districts.
  • Always spend some time in the area before buying a property there.
  • Know your environment well and keep clear of any gang-related activities. Let’s face it, most big cities have this problem.


Have some personal Birmingham experiences that you would like to share? Please, do that in the comments below, it will help others who want to know more about this beautiful city, prior to moving to Birmingham.

Image source: depositphotos / TobyParsons

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