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Agency Central – one of the UK’s leading careers and recruitment outlets – are understandably concerned about the impact of Brexit on business.

Back during the lead up to the referendum, Agency Central posted an informative discussion piece on the potential effects of Brexit on recruitment and careers. Now they’ve revisited the topic – 100 days after the UK referendum result has finally become known.

Fantastic Services CEO and Co-Founder Rune Sovndahl was both consulted for the original piece and asked to reprise his role for the new article. So how have the concerns of Rune, and the other business leaders consulted, changed in 100 days…?

If you’re looking for jobs in London, Agency Central is an excellent resource. They’re also tip-top when it comes to staying on top of business events that matter – and generally anything which will affect employment.

Their recent pair of articles on Brexit’s impact on employment are an interesting take on how the concerns of the UK’s top business leaders have changed over time. Fantastic Services’ own Rune Sovndahl was quoted in the original piece as saying that Brexit would be “a backwards step and will automatically create a wealth of red tape and bureaucracy“.

So what changes have there been in the opinions and experiences of the business leaders whom Agency Central consulted?

What is Brexit’s Effect on Jobs and Recruitment?

The debate over whether the UK is going to have a “Hard Brexit” or a “Soft Brexit” seems to be the new topic of… polite discussion between the various parties involved in making sure the British Exit from the European Union isn’t a complete disaster.

Agency Central‘s piece suggests that a Hard Brexit could mean:

  • No access to the single market – businesses would have to pay trade tariffs.
  • Less ability to recruit talent – companies in the UK won’t be able to choose the best and brightest. The way businesses can employ people could well change.
  • Reduced value of the pound – the value of the pound has been reduced to a historic low against the dollar, and most other important global currencies. It’s now more expensive to buy goods from elsewhere.

But the article covers a whole lot more ground than that.

Find Out More From Business Leaders on Brexit

You can read the “100 says since the referendum, what impact is the impending Brexit having on recruitment?” article for yourself in full when you follow the link.

And check out the previous article – “What UK business thinks of the referendum on Brexit” at the end of this link.

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Last update: August 27, 2018

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