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Bush Appliances Fault Codes

Owned by Sainsbury’s, and sold mainly in Argos, Bush is a brand with a long history of electronic goods and household appliances. If you own a Bush dishwasher or washing machine you’ll be pleased to know that should they develop a fault, they’ll display an error code to help identify what the problem is.

This article is for you if:

  • Your Bush washing machine or dishwasher is displaying a fault code
  • You want to know what the code means and see if the issue is one you can resolve yourself
  • You decide to call an appliance engineer and want to give them information that will speed up troubleshooting and repairs

Common Bush dishwasher error codes

Bush dishwasher fault codes tell you what sort of problem has developed. Sometimes this is specific enough to enable you to resolve the issue yourself. More commonly, Bush dishwasher error codes cover several possible faults. They speed up troubleshooting but don’t usually replace the need for diagnosis by a qualified engineer.

Bush dishwasher error codes list

  • E1 – Low water pressure
    There are several reasons why water pressure may fail to achieve the required level. You could have a reduced flow coming into the machine, a failed valve or a problem with the flow meter. An engineer will determine the cause of the low pressure and do whatever is required to increase it.
  • E2 – Excessive drain time
    Before calling an engineer to resolve an E2 fault there are a few things you should check. If your kitchen sink is draining slowly attend to obstructions there. If the sink is draining freely look for kinks or blockages in the dishwasher drain hose. If you have an accessible filter for the drainage system check that and clean if required. Beyond this, it’s time to call an engineer. Slow draining could be caused by a failed pump or problems with valves, seals or even with the dishwasher door. An experienced engineer will zone in on the precise problem and fix it.
  • E3 – Water heating too slowly
    It should only take a couple of minutes for dishwasher water to come up to temperature. If it takes longer you’ll see the E3 error code. An engineer will check the inlet hose, the heater itself and the control panel to figure out why the water is slow to heat and remedy the problem.
  • E4 – High water pressure (usually)
    Various problems can lead to high water pressure, these include incorrect fitting of the inlet hose or a blockage in the outlet. Triggering of the baseplate anti-flood switch will also cause an E4 code. It’s sometimes necessary to replace this switch to clear the error and allow the dishwasher to function again.
  • E7 – Temperature sensor problem
    This could be a short circuit related to faulty wiring or the sensor may have failed. The sensor is located in a probe in the sump bowl so it’s generally best to call an engineer to access it, determine the problem and correct it.
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Common Bush washing machine error codes

Bush washing machine error codes narrow down a problem when your washing machine is not behaving as it should. The majority of Bush washing machine fault codes cover a number of potential issues. From simple indication that your filter needs cleaning to showing you the possible reason why your Bush washing machine won’t spin. They may help you to identify a simple problem with a quick fix, more usually they speed up professional diagnosis.

Bush washing machine fault codes list

  • E1 – Door latch issue
    If the latch didn’t quite catch or there is something stuck in the door, this fault can be cleared by opening and reclosing the door. More often E1 relates to a technical fault, it could be a problem with the lock mechanism itself, a wiring problem or a sensor failure. An expert will be able to identify which of these applies and make the required repair.
  • E2/E3/E5 – Slow draining
    One of these codes will show if water doesn’t drain from the tub within 6 minutes or so. Check for the obvious things, kinks or obstructions in the drain hose, a dirty or blocked pump filter. Drainage problems that need professional diagnosis and repair include failure of the pump itself, failure of the seal around the pump, a failed valve, faulty wiring or a broken sensor.
  • E4 – Water heater problem
    There is a range of reasons for water failing to heat. An engineer will be able to identify the exact problem which could include failure of the heater, a thermistor or sensor fault, faulty wiring or a poor connection to the heating element or the temperature sensor.
  • E6/E7 – Motor heat protector issue or motor failure
    E6 tells you that a fault has been detected on the main drive motor circuit and the overheat protector has been triggered. E7 is more likely to relate directly to a motor failure. However, both codes cover a range of possible problems and the diagnostic process for the two is similar. You’ll need a professional engineer to check for a fault with the motor connector block, a wiring problem, see if the carbon brushes need replacement or if the motor itself has failed.
  • E8 – The machine is overfull
    This is different from overloaded and doesn’t generally mean that you put too much laundry in the washer. An E8 code could happen because there is too much water in the machine, or because the use of excess or incorrect detergent has caused too much foaming. Other possible causes of an E8 error code include problems with the pressure switch or the water level sensor, faulty wiring or poor connections. An E8 error code can sometimes be caused by a fault in the main control panel.
  • UNb – Unbalanced load
    The most common cause for this Bush error code is that a load of laundry has become unbalanced. Draining the machine, opening the door and redistributing the load should remedy the problem. Overfoaming can also cause a UNb code. If you need an engineer to resolve a more complex fault they’ll check various components including the water level sensor, wiring and connections, and the main electronic controller.

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  • Bush error codes give an indication of an appliance fault but not an exact diagnosis
  • Occasionally an error code will help you spot a simple problem you can fix yourself
  • Having information to hand about your appliance model and any error codes showing when you call for help will speed up your service


Have you ever used an error code to identify a problem in a Bush appliance?

If you’re seeing an error code not described in this article, let us know what it is and we’ll see if we can tell you more about it.

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