Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Business Trips

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If like many people you have to travel for work, getting the most out of your business trips can mean the difference between enjoying life and going a little flight-cabin crazy!
Luckily, the folks over at NatWest have collected some clever hints and tips for business trips from businesspeople who are forced to spend a lot of time travelling for work. Including Fantastic Services’ very own CEO and co-founder, Rune Sovndahl.

Whether it’s a free seat upgrade or a sneaky holiday on the side, getting something a little extra from your enforced business travel is well worth it if you want to try and enjoy your trip rather than suffer through the long-haul.

NatWest‘s article is a great little collection of handy business trip ideas, cheats and hacks – perfect for all the work travellers out there.

The Top Hints and Tips For Business Trips

Getting the most out of your business trip is all the easier when you take on board some tips from the people who do it all the time:

  • Get a cheap first class seat – surprisingly, upgrading at the airport can be a cheaper way to do this, points out James Gardiner, manager of Hyatt’s Place‘s London Heathrow Airport hotel. Just make sure you’re dressed to meet any code they might have, are scrupulously polite, and arrive nice and early to beat the rush!
  • Squeeze in a cheeky holiday – handy apps like Field Trip can let you fit in minor exploration around a city you haven’t been to before without needing to spend hours on research, recommends Mike Lewis, CEO and founder of Trip Historic.
  • Avoid roaming charges – with a portable wifi router loaded with a data SIM which connects to local 3G and 4G networks. This is the great recommendation of Dan Whitehead, owner of The Organic Protein Company in Brighton.

But what did the Fantastic Services CEO have to say?

Get More Ideas for Getting the Most Out of Travelling for Work

To see all of the great ideas – including Rune’s tip (hint: you’ll like it if you don’t like paying above the odds for hotel rooms) you’ll need to go and read the “Eight tips for a better business trip” article in full over on the NatWest website.

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Last update: August 22, 2018

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