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Can Landlords Charge for Carpet Cleaning at The End of a Tenancy?

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you must understand your carpet cleaning duties once the tenancy is finished. In this post, you will learn who carries much of the accountability, how it changes in different situations and something extra. So, stick around if:

  • You have trouble with the whole concept of fair wear and tear;
  • You don’t know who’s responsibility it is to clean the carpets;
  • Wonder if a landlord can charge for carpet cleaning in the UK.

Let’s get right to the point:

Who is responsible for cleaning carpets in a rental property?

When it comes to carpeting in an apartment, both landlords and tenants have their own unique set of responsibilities and neither is completely carefree.

As a landlord, it is your job to ensure that the carpets are in good condition and thoroughly cleaned before a tenant comes in. This might involve conducting a deep cleaning of the existing carpets or even considering replacement if they are damaged or showing significant signs of wear and tear. So, to answer the question “are landlords responsible for carpets”, yes as long as the property is available.

Tenants, on the other hand, are responsible for looking after the carpets during their lease duration. It is expected that tenants take necessary measures to keep the carpets in reasonably good condition and prevent excessive damage. While normal wear and tear are inevitable, tenants are responsible for returning the carpets in a condition similar to how they were received at the beginning of the lease.

In general, the law prohibits landlords from charging tenants for carpet cleaning. However, it is still possible in some cases for landlords to be legally permitted to deduct the cost of carpet cleaning from a tenant’s security deposit.

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When should a landlord pay for carpet cleaning?

If the carpets were already clean and in good condition at the start of the tenancy, and any wear and tear or dirt can be considered within the scope of “fair wear and tear”, the landlord should typically bear the cost of cleaning.

The concept of fair wear and tear takes into account the normal deterioration that occurs with regular use of the property over time.

When should tenants pay for carpet cleaning?

Tenants are generally responsible for carpet cleaning if the carpets are excessively dirty, stained, or damaged beyond what can be considered fair wear and tear. If the tenancy agreement specifically states that the tenant must have the carpets professionally cleaned before moving out, then the tenant is typically expected to pay for the cleaning.

The same applies if the carpets are in a particularly dirty or stained condition as a result of the tenant’s actions and/or negligence.

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The concept of “fair wear and tear”:

Fair wear and tear refers to the natural deterioration that occurs in a property as a result of daily use over time. It generally includes minor scuffs, marks, and reasonable wear on carpets that can be expected over the course of a tenancy.

However, if the carpets suffered significant stains, spills, or damage that exceeds normal wear and tear, then the tenant may be responsible for the expense of cleaning or repair.

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Can a landlord charge for carpet replacement?

Yes, a landlord can charge for carpet replacement under certain circumstances. If the said carpet has been damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the landlord may deduct the cost of replacement either from the tenant’s deposit or seek reimbursement for the expense.

This is just one of the six reasons why your landlord would deduct money from your deposit. However, it is important to note that not all carpet damage would warrant a full replacement, as minor damages or wear and tear are typically considered the landlord’s responsibility.

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How much can a landlord charge for carpet replacement in the UK?

In the UK, it costs around £48 per square meter to replace a carpet, whereas additional costs for carpet removal can reach £10. It’s important to note that these figures are only an average and the actual cost can differ based on factors like the carpet’s size, quality, type, and where it is being installed.

On the other hand, your landlord cannot make you liable for the full cost of replacing an item if it could have been cleaned or repaired for a lesser price.

For instance, if a cleaning company provides a quote of £50 to remove a stain from a carpet, but the landlord chooses to purchase a brand new carpet for £250, they should only deduct the £50 cleaning cost from your deposit.

Even in cases where carpets cannot be cleaned or repaired, the landlord typically cannot charge you the full cost of replacement unless you have not resided in the property for long or the items were brand new at the beginning of your tenancy.

It’s worth mentioning that the exact amount a landlord can charge for carpet replacement may also be influenced by the remaining lifespan of the carpet at the time of damage. If the carpet has already reached the end of its natural lifespan, the landlord may not be able to charge the full replacement cost.

As a result, the renter cannot be held liable for typical wear and tear that occurs over time.

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  • The landlord pays for carpet cleaning when it’s within the scope of “fair wear and tear”;
  • The tenant pays for carpet cleaning when there’s excessive damage and soiling caused by their own actions or lack thereof;
  • Fair wear and tear is the natural deterioration which occurs as a result of ordinary everyday use

Disclaimer: Every piece of information here is meant for informational and educational purposes only. So please, do not use this as a definitive legal advice. Fantastic Services encourages you to seek authority professional counsel before you decide to act upon what you have read. For more information, check our disclaimer.

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