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Candy Appliance Error Codes

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Have you noticed a regularly flashing light on the front or digital display panel of your machine? With a Candy appliance, that’s a clear sign that you’re facing a malfunction. Most Candy error codes are displayed via a slightly strange system where you count those light flashes. Here is everything you need to know.

So if you:

  • Are wondering why your Candy appliance light is flashing.
  • Encountered an error code and are trying to figure it out.
  • Have trouble findig out what your Candy appliance is trying to “say” to you.

Then, read on!

Candy tumble dryer problems (condenser and non-condenser) and error codes

The way to tell the difference between Candy tumble dryer error codes is to count the flashes of the light on the front in between pauses. Counted three flashes? That’s an E3 error. Consult your list of Candy tumble dryer fault codes below and you’ll see that’s a “water tank full” error. Count twenty-two? Well, you’ll be there for a while! But eventually, you’ll see it’s a “control board issue”.

The first thing to do is to find your Candy tumble dryer’s reset button. Most have one of these on the control panel or the back of the appliance. If you’ve been using your dryer, let it cool for about ten minutes. Then hit reset. Barring issues with the related machinery, your dryer should restart.

If it doesn’t it’s advisable to contact a professional Candy tumble dryer repair to help you diagnose and remedy the fault, it’s also advisable to do so with any error that is pointing to electrical issues. Then it’s just a matter of using the “rapid flash fault indicator” to diagnose which Candy condenser dryer problems you’re experiencing.

Whenever your Candy tumble dryer stops spinning, after you’ve reset it, simply consult this list of error codes:

  • E3 – Water tank full
  • E4 – Program selector faulty
  • E5 – Front NTC sensor faulty
  • E6 – MCU (main control unit) faulty
  • E7 – Insufficient or restricted airflow
  • E8 – Thermal fuse faulty
  • E9 – Thermal cut out faulty
  • E10 – Tumble dryer empty
  • E14 – Rear NTC faulty
  • E15 – Heater relay faulty (condenser models)
  • E15 – Open front thermal overload cutout (vented models)
  • E21 – Memory parity failure
  • E22 – Control board issue

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Candy washing machine error codes and faults

If your Candy washing machine won’t spin, it’s simple to diagnose the problem. The Candy washing machine E03 error is the most common fault with this kind of appliance. Telling you there’s some kind of problem with drainage or your pump, the usual culprit with this code is a blocked filter.

Luckily, this can be pretty easy to deal with. All you need to do is locate the filter – check your manual or find the little door it usually hides behind. Find the hose inside, find the cap on the hose, hold a container under it (water is going to drain out), and then remove the cap. Post-draining, you should be able to turn the filter anti-clockwise, remove it, clean it, and replace everything.

Sadly, most other Candy washing machine faults aren’t so simple to deal with. After you’ve done your basic count of the light flashes to determine the code – remember, eight flashes in between pauses would be a Candy washing machine E08 error, for example – it’s usually best to call in Candy washing machine repairman.

For instance, the Candy washing machine E16 code is a heater issue. You don’t want to be messing around with an electrical heater near water unless you’re qualified to do so. The thing to do with most Candy washing fault codes is to count the flashes, see what error you’re dealing with, clean the filter if it seems relevant, then get an expert in.

Candy washing machine fault codes:

  • E1 – Problem with the door lock – either with the lock itself or with the wiring and connection to the PCB.
  • E2 – Indicates a water filling issue.
  • E3 – Draining issue or pump issue.
  • E4 – Too much water. Defective fill valve.
  • E5 – Water temperature sensor fault.
  • E6 – Machine out of balance. Control board issue.
  • E7 – Door lock fault or motor issue – commonly the fault when your Candy washing machine is not spinning.
  • E8 – Motor speed sensor malfunction.
  • E9 – Circuit issue.
  • E10 – Drum sensor issue. On older models, this can be a motorised selector issue.

Candy washer-dryer errors:

  • E11 – Sensor or module issue.
  • E12 – PCB (Printed Circuit Board) communication error. Open circuit on the dryer heater.
  • E13 / E14 / E18 – PCB issue.
  • E15 – PCB failed or memory chip corrupted.
  • E16 – Heater issue.
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Candy dishwasher fault codes

Use the rapid flash fault indicator counting method to tell the difference between the various Candy dishwasher fault codes you might be dealing with. It’s just a case of counting the number of flashes of warning light you see in between each pause. For example, count two flashes?

That’s a water draining issue – one of the most common errors you’ll see with this kind of appliance. This is one you might be able to handle yourself – check the filter and clean it. If not, you’ll need to call in Candy dishwasher repair service.


  • Candy dishwashers and other appliances use a “rapid flash fault indicator”. 
  • Count the flashes between pauses to determine your error code.
  • Some common problems – like a dirty filter – you can probably try to deal with yourself first.
  • For everything else, you need Candy appliance repair expert – especially if it’s anything to do with electrical or heating systems.


Was your question about Candy appliance error codes not answered here? Comment below. Let’s see if we can get you the help you need!

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