In the Spotlight

The Huracan Foundation scores again!


Shared passion. Global goals. The Huracan Foundation is a charity which gives children in poor communities in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, India and elsewhere around the world a better education through the beautiful game.

The charity sees football-based projects as a great opportunity for kids who come from the poorest parts of their local areas. Their work improves the kids’ attendance at school, gets them to help out with community projects identified and operated by local people, and generally avoid crime, drugs and other big problems unique to each area.

All in all, it’s a brilliant charity – noticed by FIFA as well as Sky and the BBC – which Fantastic Services has been supporting for the past two years.


Fantastic Valentine’s Gifts For Him or Her!

partnership with uspaah

It’s a very caring thank you from Fantastic Services to you this Valentine’s Day. We’ll be keeping things purely platonic if it’s alright with you, but that doesn’t mean we’re not grateful for how things have gone between us this year!

In gratitude to all of our clients during the year – and to help you out with Valentine’s Day gift ideas – we’ve put together THREE MONEY OFF VALENTINES VOUCHER DEALS just for you.


Fantastic Delivers Royal Trinity Hospice Free Tree – It’s Christmas!

royal trinity hospice christmas tree by fantastic services

Christmas Time is a time for giving and a time for caring. Few charities represent that ethos as well as Royal Trinity Hospice based in Clapham, London.

So when Royal Trinity Hospice asked Fantastic Services if we would once again provide a Christmas tree to add to their forthcoming remembrance celebration service, we were glad to be able to oblige them. This year’s Royal Trinity Hospice free tree was delivered on the 7th December.