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A Close Eye For Cleaning – Partnership with EyeRespect!

eyerespect treats partnership 3


To get the perfect results when cleaning your home, you need great vision. So what makes more sense than a partnership between Fantastic and an independent British eyewear company…

Okay. We might be pushing it a bit with the link here. But provider of boutique handmade eyewear EyeRespect has got some great glasses and spectacle frames for both men and women. So we’re very happy indeed that they’re interested in partnering up with us.

Now, simply for being a Fantastic customer, you can GET A MASSIVE £30 OFF eyewear with your next purchase from EyeRespect.


Affordable Healthy Snacks for Kids! Fantastic partners with ChewyMoon

Chewy Moon partnership

Your home cleaning service takes a lot of stress out of your daily life. It also makes your home a healthier place to live! But what about the stress of trying to encourage your little ones to eat healthily?

If you’ve been looking for a solution here, ChewyMoon might be it. They’re powering a future generation of superheroes with 100% natural snacks for your child’s lunchbox with fun activities all delivered to your door. And your favourite provider of home services (that’s us, in case you were wondering!) just partnered up with them, meaning you can GET 50% OFF your first order and a superhero water bottle to keep your little one hydrated too!

Now You Can Relax at Home and on the Beach – Fantastic Partners Afina London

afina london partnership with fantastic services

You already make life simpler and less stressful for yourself by using Fantastic’s easy-to-book domestic cleaning services. But what happens when you really need to get away from it all?

More than likely, it’s time for a little holiday. And if you’re like many of the Fantastic office team, that means a beach is an absolute requirement.

But that probably means that swimwear is going to be a requirement, too. Finding something which really makes you happy to wear it on the beach or by the pool can be a challenge at any time of year.

Luckily, we’ve just partnered up with Afina London. The Mayfair-based luxury swimwear label is all about making swimwear that’s universally flattering as well as being ahead of the curve in terms of both quality and style. We’re talking Italian fabrics and French 24-carat gold plated accessories here.

Colour us intrigued.


Fantastic Savings On Wine – Partnership with Le Petit Ballon

le petit balon

For many people, a small (or not so small!) glass of wine is the ideal end of a working day. After all, who doesn’t like putting their feet up in their freshly cleaned front room, wine glass in hand?

It’s the perfect way to switch off after a busy day. And a great stress-relief combination too!

So when we heard that monthly wine subscription service Le Petit Ballon wanted to partner up with us to give our customers £10 OFF wine subscriptions and gift cards, we started getting excited (this is the team who have Jean-Michel Deluc, the guy who used to choose wine for the Ritz handpicking their bottles).