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Cooking, Crafting, Getting in Shape – How to Spend Your Free Time in London

things to do in london instead of chores

Since time immemorial, food has been a focal point of our society – from people gathering to enjoy a meal together to it being a source of comfort during some of our lowest moments. So, it should come as no surprise that London has long since become home to some of the most exciting culinary adventures you can get your hands on in the UK.

But with the average Briton spending up to 21 hours per week doing housework, there is often not enough time left to attend all these interesting events and cooking lessons. Finding classes and events, which suit your interests and tastes, can also prove to be quite the challenge due to the city’s sheer size and the number of courses being offered.

This is where Fantastic Services and Tabl can swoop in to save the day! (more…)

Get the Best Tenant and Money OFF the Letting Fee with Houzen.co.uk

London Sunny Street
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Here at Fantastic Services, we are always on the lookout for new ways to save you time and money. We are pleased to introduce you to Houzen, an ingenious way for you to rent your property quickly and without hassle.

Houzen.co.uk is a lettings platform that helps you find tenants fast. You list your property for free, and local independent agents that they’ve handpicked will take on the task of finding you a tenant. When they find someone that suits your needs, at a price you are happy with, only then will you pay them a lettings fee that is up to 50% less than the going market rate.

All you have to do is go to their website and specify your property’s details. This shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes. Once Houzen has found your perfect tenant, message the Houzen team via the website help chat to redeem a further 10% discount on your letting fee by telling them that we referred you. Remember, if the Houzen agents can’t find you the perfect tenant, you won’t pay a penny.

Happy letting! (more…)

7 Fantastic Valentine’s Day Deals for You

7 fantastic valentine deals for you

Don’t get caught short this Valentine’s Day! The same old flowers-and-chocolates routine might have worked last year, but don’t let it become a habit! Instead, why not try out something a little bit different?

(Cards on the table: we’ve also included a few handy last minute options for those amongst you who might have forgotten to buy the odd item in the rush to spend time with the one you love.)

This being a Fantastic Services list, there’s money to be saved and money off to be had with every one of our Valentine’s Day partners’ services. (You can avoid mentioning this bit to your date!) (more…)

Fantastic Services Charity Work Helps Light Up a Life This Christmas

Fantastic Services charity work for the Royal Trinity Hospice London


‘Tis the season to be jolly! But for over 750,000 people in central and south west London, that joy only comes via the Royal Trinity Hospice.

They’re a brilliant organisation, providing skilled and compassionate free end of life care to a huge number of people, so when Fantastic Services and Fantastic Gardeners were asked to get involved in their latest charity project…

We jumped at the chance. (more…)