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Meet the Pros: David Miloshev

Meet the Pros


This year, we’ve been waiting an awful lot to welcome the budding colours of spring. But, like they say, better late than never. Once spring finally arrived, it brought us some positive mood and an abundance of colours to go along with it – blossoming plants, buzzing bugs, and… tasty chocolate! That’s right, we hope you’ve eaten your fair share of Easter eggs and had time to do some spring cleaning because it’s finally time to start preparing for the summer. Home renovations are at their peak during these warmer months, speaking of which – here we are again with yet another fascinating story to share! This time, it’s about David Miloshev – an exemplary colleague and a handyman extraordinaire. (more…)

Meet the Pros: Georgi Kostov

Meet the Pros Georgi Kostov

Keep moving forward and don’t ever let your motivation leave you.

Spring is finally here and with it the contagious enthusiasm that urges us to boldly change our way of life for the better. So much so that many people choose this season as the perfect time to act and switch their homes, local communities, or even their entire professional careers almost overnight! Speaking of bold changes, we cannot wait to introduce you to our next Fantastic star – Georgi Kostov. A man with virtually endless energy reserves (confirmed countless times over by his colleagues), he has managed to become one of our top home removals experts in just 6 months. (more…)

Meet the Pros: Plamena

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It’s over – winter has finally released its cold grasp over the country. And while the blooming trees, chirping birds, and rising temperatures are no doubt lifting our spirits as we speak, our gardens and homes are probably in dire need of some tidying up. Thus, we felt that it was our sacred duty to prevent this national crisis and introduce you to Plamena – a professional in the field of gardening and regular house cleaning. (more…)

Meet the Pros: Ivan

meet the pros - ivan carpet cleaning

I firmly believe that you are set for the stars if your job is an example for all the rest to follow.

After a night of cheerful celebrations, excessively loud countdowns to midnight, and seemingly endless firework barrages, the New Year has finally arrived. Parties aside, what makes this festivity truly special is the fact that it gives every human being on the planet a chance to start fresh. It’s also the time when we reminisce about our most notorious achievements and failures, learning valuable life lessons along the way and heading towards the bright future ahead with renewed energy, passion, and goals. And also a great moment to feature our next cleaning hero on our list – Ivan Stoyanov.


Meet the Pros: Boris



The holidays are almost upon us… and with them, the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Why? Because presents, even plain socks, become way more exciting when placed under a tree. But before we proudly start decorating our firs with colourful strings of light and intricate handmade ornaments, let us give the spotlight to Boris – a passionate gardener with a knack for perfection. (more…)