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Meet the Pros: Ivan

meet the pros - ivan carpet cleaning

I firmly believe that you are set for the stars if your job is an example for all the rest to follow.

After a night of cheerful celebrations, excessively loud countdowns to midnight, and seemingly endless firework barrages, the New Year has finally arrived. Parties aside, what makes this festivity truly special is the fact that it gives every human being on the planet a chance to start fresh. It’s also the time when we reminisce about our most notorious achievements and failures, learning valuable life lessons along the way and heading towards the bright future ahead with renewed energy, passion, and goals. And also a great moment to feature our next cleaning hero on our list – Ivan Stoyanov.


Meet the Pros: Boris



The holidays are almost upon us… and with them, the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Why? Because presents, even plain socks, become way more exciting when placed under a tree. But before we proudly start decorating our firs with colourful strings of light and intricate handmade ornaments, let us give the spotlight to Boris – a passionate gardener with a knack for perfection. (more…)

Meet the Pros: Ventsislav

Landscaper of Fantastic Services

Autumn is slowly ticking away, setting up the stage to the freezing, yet drizzly English winter. And you simply have to love London when it’s cold outside. Trapped between a grey, cloudy landscape and a vibrant carpet of reddish-brown leaves, the capital is ready to reveal its melancholic charm to anyone who is willing to spare a few seconds to appreciate their surroundings. And today, we would like to introduce you to Ventsislav – a person whose job is to turn clusters of hopelessly entangled plants into exquisite works of art. (more…)

Meet the Pros: Stanimir


“We have to act like a team because, at the end of the day, true strength comes from unity.”


It’s that time of the month again. The time when we introduce you to our next pro – Stanimir. Two and a half years ago, this man arrived on UK soil with the sole intent of working with Fantastic Services. The services Stanimir specialises in are quite technical in nature and range from carpet and window cleaning to pest control. A person with an exceptional sense of humour, he likes to crack a joke or ten at every chance he gets to break the atmosphere. But when it comes to the nitty-gritty aspects of his job, he is as savvy as one can get. (more…)

Meet the Pros: Tsvetomir Ganchev

Tsvetomir on the right

If seasons were painters, autumn would qualify as the most flamboyant one. Just have a peek through your window – it’s very likely that your garden is now engulfed in transient red, orange, and brown colours, bringing a certain sense of cosiness and a pinch of nostalgia to the whole scene. So, we could not think of a better time to introduce you to Tsvetomir Ganchev – a Fantastic partner whose landscaping skills can easily rival those of the best painters in the field. He’s been working with us for over four years, while UK’s been his home for around six. Today, Tsvetomir runs a team of five people who do various gardening jobs, including this area’s jewel in the crown – landscaping. (more…)