The Fantastic Family

Meet the Pros: Simeon

“Success does not lie in copying others, but in finding your inner strength to become something more.”

We always had the pleasure of working beside some truly fantastic specialists, so we thought it’s about time we introduce you to the diligent experts who make our services possible. Let’s meet the first pro, Simeon Sabev – a full-time tree surgeon and an outstanding team leader. (more…)

Fantastic Services Celebrates Its 7th Birthday With a Throwback Infographic

Fantastic services transformation in 7 years

Fantastic Services celebrates its 7th birthday this month. These have been seven years full of excitement, hard work, and diligence. Time flies fast indeed and it feels like the wonderful Fantastic Services experience started just yesterday. You may think 7 years is plenty of time, but in fact, it seems quite short. More so, this time makes us think how much we have achieved so far, how we began, and where we are today. We feel very happy about what we’ve done, however there’s still much to learn and room to grow.


Rune Sovndahl Speaks at the NOAH Conference in London

Rune Sovndahl Speaker at NOAH Conference

Want to NOAH how to get ahead in the service industry?

Rune Sovndahl, CEO and co-founder of Fantastic Services recently spoke at the NOAH Conference in London along other successful company founders that have contributed to establishing the outlines of the market today. The NOAH Conference provides a platform for leaders of the digital economy to meet and interact and its audience spans from entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, networkers to leading industry journalists. It’s a great place to learn more about the digital industry and trends. (more…)