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Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day with a Fantastic Gift

Fantastic Gift Voucher

Why not try something a little bit different this year? Anyone can nip to the shops and buy a box of chocolates or bunch of flowers but does that really show how much you appreciate your loved one’s efforts throughout the year? We’ve been asking around and for 2015 we thought we’d try and spread a little relaxation. As well as give busy couples the opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day doing something enjoyable. After all where’s the fun in spending part of the day dusting, vacuuming or mowing the lawn. (more…)

Fantastic Christmas Charity Bazaar

Fantastic Services Christmas Bazaar


This year the team at Fantastic Services decided to spread some Christmas cheer by holding a Christmas Charity Bazaar. The aim was to raise much needed funds for the Oncology Ward in St Marina Hospital in Varna, Bulgaria. Why Bulgaria? Because for the founding owners Bulgaria has a special place in their hearts. One of them actually has his roots in the country itself. They both wanted to do something that would raise money for the future life blood of this wonderful country so decided that the Bulgarian children’s hospital in Varna was a worthwhile cause. (more…)

Get Some Festive Help This Christmas from our Fantastic Elves

Get some Holiday Help with out Fantastic Elves

Are you one of those people who leaves all their Christmas preparations until the week before Christmas? Here at Fantastic Services we’ve decided this year we’re going to offer something different. Something to help those of you who find themselves rushing around at the last minute, never getting to enjoy your run up to the big day. As well as offering the usual range of cleaning services we’re going to help you out with some of your other preparations such as Christmas shopping, wrapping and delivering presents and cards, together with decorating your home. (more…)

Join Our Fantastic Services Family at Ideal Home Show This November

Join us at the Ideal Home Show

From 19 to 23 November We Are at Earls Court to Make Your Life Simpler

Come along and meet us at Earls Court this November by paying a visit to our stand at the 2014 Ideal Home Show. We’re here to make your life far less complicated and stressful with our exciting range of services for all your home needs. We’re pleased to be able to announce that we’ll be attending this festive event and would love for you to join us. (more…)