Check Out Our Fantastic New Colours

Fantastic New Colours

We have some FANTASTIC news to share with you today! Our brands have just taken delivery of a new range of branded vehicles. As you know, we have launched our new vision which unites all Fantastic brands and our fancy new rides reflect on this.

Already London’s favourite, it was time for us to up our game and get ready to conquer the rest of the UK. A new vision and instantly recognisable vehicles have just been introduced for the brand. We’ve always been proud of the range of services we offer, but until now each one has had its own different design. Unless you used a range of our services you wouldn’t have known that we were one big happy family. How many of you actually realised we offer all-around home services from carpet and upholstery cleaning to repair and maintenance help?

To highlight our professionalism and quality of service we’ll now be instantly recognisable wherever you encounter a company vehicle. Each brand will sport its own unique colour and the faces of actual employees pictured inside a circle. No photo-shopped, over paid models for us! But bona fide members of our experienced and affable crews. Green will represent our Fantastic Gardeners, blue for Fantastic Cleaners, yellow for Fantastic Handymen, red and black for Fantastic Pest Control, tomato for Fantastic Removals and brown for Fantastic Pet Care. All across the capital and beyond the city limits Fantastic Services can now proclaim its presence and is inviting new customers to join our happy band of followers.

We care about our customers and are committed to easing their everyday pressures with our comprehensive range of value for money services. We regularly update our special offers and are continually on the lookout for new and exciting areas to champion.

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Last update: August 23, 2018

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