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How Much Does a Real Christmas Tree Cost

So, you and your family have finally settled on the debate over how tall this year’s Christmas tree should be. You’ve all agreed on the shape of the conifer and decided to go with a real tree this holiday season. You start planning the holiday essentials budget when a question arises in your mind:

How much does a real Christmas tree cost in the UK in 2020? 

In this post, we’ll address just that. Read on to find out!

So, How Much is a Christmas Tree?

Fantastic Services offers delivery of real, premium-grade Nordmann Fir trees right to your doorstep (delivery cost is included in the price). The trees are grown in England, Denmark, and Scotland, and for your peace of mind, they have passed rigorous disease and pest control checks. 

You get to choose between four options, depending on how tall you want the tree to be. It goes like this – the taller the tree, the higher the price. You can save money when you combine the delivery and disposal of your tree.

So, how much does a real Christmas tree cost? Find out below:

Service5-6 ft tree6-7 ft tree7-8 ft tree
Tree and delivery £69 £79 £89
Tree + delivery + stand and installation £85 £95 £109
Tree disposal only £55 £55 £55
Tree, delivery + disposal£104£114£124
Tree + delivery + stand + installation + disposal£120£130£144
Decoration/removal of decoration*** £32 £32 £32
Decoration + toys £52 £52 £52
Tree + delivery + stand + installation + decoration + toys £137 £147 £161
Tree + delivery + stand + installation + disposal + decoration + toys £172 £182 £196

* T&C and minimum charges apply. Please mind that congestion charges are not included in the Christmas tree delivery prices above ** Delivery to your door is always included in the price. *** Note that the decoration service is done with materials and products that you have sourced yourself. The decoration service is available within 1-3 tube zones. Minimum you can book is £32 (1 person x 2h).

What about installation and decoration?

For a small additional fee, we can put up your Christmas tree by mounting it on a special water-reservoir stand and even decorate it for you using your own materials. For more information, visit our Christmas tree installation and decoration page

Why choose a Nordmann Fir tree this Christmas

There must be a reason for Nordmann Fir to be the most popular Christmas tree in Britain. For a start, it smells nice, has great needle retention and is safe for people with allergies. Here are a couple more reasons to choose a Nordmann Fir tree:

  • Lasts between four and six weeks;
  • Has thick and soft, non-drop foliage;
  • It’s able to withstand heavy decoration;
  • Has a conical shape with dense branches;
  • It’s appropriate for pet owners.

If you are not sure what tree is the right one for your household, read our Christmas tree buying guide. There you’ll find information about what to look for when buying a tree and how to pick the one that suits your needs.

Get your real Christmas tree today!

The days of traditional shopping are over. Nowadays, everything’s online, including Christmas trees. Fantastic Services is offering you real, premium-grade Nordmann Fir trees at competitive prices! Contact us and get your tree brought right to your door as soon as today! 

Looking for a Christmas tree?

Get a spectacular Nordmann Fir tree delivered to your doorstep!

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And, for just £55, we can assist you with the removal of the tree when the festive season is over. For more information, visit our Christmas tree removal page. The disposal service is available until the end of January, meaning you can enjoy your conifer for an entire month after Christmas and still call us to have it collected once it’s time to free up space.


How much are you willing to spend on a Christmas tree? What’s your favourite one? Tell us in the comment section below!

Image source: Shutterstock / Kuzmina Irina

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