Another year has passed by and Fantastic Gardeners is yet again at your service in delivering happiness and Christmas trees right in your living room! In the following month, we will be offering real Christmas tree delivery in London. So, why not spend time with your family and enjoy a hassle-free holiday with Fantastic Services?

Why Fantastic Christmas Tree Delivery?

We, at Fantastic Services, always strive to deliver a high-quality service to our clients and that is why we have chosen to provide you with the forever young and beautiful Nordmann Fir Christmas trees. They are grown in a complete eco-sustainable environment in Scotland and Denmark, waiting to be delivered to you.

  • Contact our friendly sales office – The helpful representatives will book the service for you once you have specified the size of your future tree and the day you need it to be delivered.
  • Delivery – On the day of the appointment, a technician will arrive at your doorstep along with the desired Christmas tree. Delivery with Fantastic Services is always FREE.
  • Installation – we can even help you out with the installation your Christmas tree. Installation is available all over London, within M25. Make sure to mention you want
  • Decoration – this service is also available upon request for clients situated within the 1-3 tube zone. You only need to provide the materials and advise our office when you book the service. You will have a decorated Christmas tree without lifting a finger.
  • Christmas tree collection – The after holidays hassle sometimes is even worse than the one before, so for you, we have a special “tree-cycling” service. You can pre-book it along with them. Christmas tree delivery and benefit from a nice discount of £29. On a specified day, once the seasonal celebrations are over, you will have your tree collected back.

When is the best time to purchase a Christmas tree?

Every year, the same question probably pops up in your head – “When should I buy my Christmas tree?”. Well, in our years of experience, we can confidently advise you that the best time will be at the beginning of December. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your Christmas tree for long enough before the holiday and at the same time, it will still stay vibrant green and fresh-looking. The British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA) shares similar advice. Still, any time until mid December is also fine. If you have any more questions about this important purchase, take a look at our special Christmas tree buying guide right here.

Why Choose Fantastic Nordmann Fir Trees

  • Sturdiness. Compared to other types of Christmas trees, like the Norway Spruce, for example, the Nordmann Fir trees can last for about a month before the needles start falling off.
  • Better for the environment. It may sound contrary but having a real tree is actually environmentally better. The non-recyclable plastic, an artificial tree is made of, will never degrade. In fact, artificial trees are more flammable than real trees and are more likely to cause a fire.
  • Delicate pine fragrance. The Nordmann Fir leaves a very light smell that will not overwhelm your festive home and won’t clash with the various other holiday fragrances, you usually enjoy during this period.
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. If you wish to have the tree installed outside, there will be no problem. Keep in mind, though, that if you wish to keep the needles on for longer, it’s better to place it indoors.

If you need any more reasons on why you should choose a Nordmann Fir tree or you just want to learn more, click right here.

As it is with every plant, you need to treat your Christmas tree right. Bear in mind that the presence of heaters and air conditioning is always a big factor and you should never place your tree close to a heating source. And most importantly, of course, your tree will need access to water. For your convenience, we offer our Christmas trees with a free water reservoir stand to make your life even easier.

  • Last update: May 30, 2019

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