Clean Freak or Slovenly Slob

clean freak or slovenly slob quiz

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Is How Clean is Your House the bible you swear by? Or is cleaning the last thing on your agenda, even if you have nothing else planned for the weekend? Emma Pietras, with the help of our cleaning master Stoyan Stoyanov, has put a quiz together, published in the Daily Mirror, that will help you answer this existential question.

Cleaning is probably the most time consuming and dreaded chore in every home. Luckily, we, at Fantastic Services, will be more than happy to take on all of your cleaning chores, while you can sit back and take the quiz that will tell you how good you are at cleaning your home yourself (that is, in the unlikely event that you ever felt like).

Cleaning the Right Way

It is common sense to vacuum when the carpet is dirty or to dust off when you can write your name on the dust covering the shelves. But when should you empty the vacuum cleaner bag, or how often should you clean the door handles? Answers to these questions, and many more you will find in the Daily Mirror quiz.

DIY or Call the Pros

One of our Fantastic Services professionals – Stoyan Stoyanov, gave his expert opinion in a number of cleaning topics, helping the newspaper journalist to put together this attention grabbing read. You will be surprised to learn that white vinegar cleans better than bleach, and that you have to clean the light switches twice a week. But just as in every industry, there are things you can do yourself, and those that are better left to the professionals.

Cleaner House, Smaller Waist

Over the past decade, a number of researches have shown a connection between gaining weight and the cleanliness of our homes. Apparently, “when exposed to dust, fat cells in mice were more likely to divide – creating more fat cells.” And the dust that was used was collected from 11 different American homes. Finally, we have the so called obesogens to blame for our constantly growing waistlines.

Quiz Results

So, are you a Dirty Dozen or a Clean Freak, or in the middle, take the quiz below and find out. Either way, beware of the obesogens, the little creatures that live in your wardrobe and shrink your clothes while you are sleeping.

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Last update: August 22, 2018
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