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How to Clean Lily Pollen Stains from Fabrics
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How to Remove Lily Pollen Stains from Fabrics

Got a lovely bouquet of gorgeous-smelling flowers? You rush to put them in a vase, of course, only to find on the following day that some pollen has escaped and stained your sofa or carpet. Tulips, fuschias, orchids can all readily become the culprits behind the colourful mess on nearby surfaces or the unsightly stain on your white shirt.

It is a lovely sunny day, but instead of spending time with your family or going out with friends, you have a pile of laundry to take care of. Yes, sometimes it can be frustrating to handle delicate fabrics or remove stains from your favourite piece, but our experts are here to help. From how to take proper care of your clothes to the maintenance of your tumble dryer, we will reveal some of the secrets of dry cleaning and laundry and help you become an expert.

Check out our blog and learn lots of tips and tricks, which will help you bring back or keep the glory of your favourite piece!

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