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How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost In The UK

Cleaning windows with pure water by a professional window cleaner

There is a great variety among window cleaners and window cleaning companies when it comes to pricing. You can be charged by the hour, per window, or receive a fixed price, depending on a set of different factors. That’s why a simple answer like “the average cost of window cleaning is 30 pounds” could be quite misleading (if not plain wrong).

To help you make an informed decision as a customer, we’ve gathered the most important pricing factors regarding the window cleaning service. In addition to that, here you’ll find out what to expect when you hire a window technician. And most of all, what risks and dangers you should avoid to protect yourself from unprofessional practices.

Let’s get started with the pricing elements that matter the most.


The 10 Most Popular Window Styles in the UK [An Illustrated Guide]

Popular types of windows in UK

Do you get confused by the multitude of window styles and struggle to understand what’s the difference between all of them? Or do you need to find out which type of window is best for you and what are the pros and cons of each design? For your convenience, we have created a special illustrated guide with the 10 most popular window types in the UK.  We also added some cleaning tips from our Fantastic window cleaners, so you can make the right choice for your home.

How Pure Water Window Cleaning Works

pure water droplets on glass window

The advancement of science and technology revolutionised every area of our lives, the way we spend our time and the way we work.

At the same time a quiet revolution in the window cleaning business started with the introduction of pure water systems. But what exactly is pure water and how it changed something as straightforward as window cleaning? Let’s dig deeper into this topic.


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