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Portable Storage vs Containerised Storage: What’s The Difference?

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Storage is gaining more and more popularity nowadays. People struggle with many possessions and little space to work with. Storage can have so many benefits regardless if you’re a homeowner, business owner or student. You can free up space in your home, store the products of your small business, or place your belongings while you are away from university in between terms.

But what type of storage will fit best with your needs?

To start off answer the following questions:

  1. What length of time do you plan to store items?
    Most companies will have special rates for longer storage plans.
  2. Will you be storing heavy or bulky items?
    You need to consider the labour to get your items in storage and how many units you will need.
  3. Are you going to store valuable items?
    Some of the storage options are not as secure as others.
  4.  Is there a schedule you follow?
    Do you have a timeline for the loading and unloading and transport?
  5. Will you need to access your items while in storage?
    If you need constant access to your storage, you should consider self-storage.
  6. Do you have extra space within your property?
    To have a storage container positioned in a place, where it won’t be in your neighbours’ way.
  7. Are you storing anything fragile?
    It would be great to have insurance with your service.

Now that you have a clear idea of what your priorities are, the following breakdown and guidelines will help you pick the best service for you.

What is the containerised storage service?

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When you use full-service storage, no labour is required on your part. All the heavy labour and transportation to and from the storage facility will be done by a professional removal team. There, your personal belongings will be placed carefully in wooden containers.

The storage units are arranged inside CCTV-monitored warehouses. Each facility has low humidity levels and ambient temperature to ensure proper storage conditions. This type of service could be arranged to be performed within 24 hours.

Once your possessions are carefully arranged in the wooden containers, a special seal is placed on each container. As soon as you are ready to reclaim your items, you only have to call to schedule an appointment with the service provider. It may take up to 3 business days to have your storage units ready for delivery.

Your belongings are fully insured during their stay in the storage and on their way to and from the facility.

Container sizes commonly used for full-service storage

The size usually equals 160.68 Cubic Feet (ft³) or 4.55 Cubic Metres (m³)

You can always store in multiple containers if needed. The size of the storage container provides storage space that fits the customer’s needs. This way you won’t need to pay for space that you won’t use.

Who can benefit from a storage service?

Anyone that needs to store anything. It’s important to bear in mind that the removals service will cost you a fee on top of the storage price. However, it will save you the hassle of sourcing transport and manpower to get your belongings where you want them to be. Furthermore, it assures you that your items are now under the care of a professional.

Our clients


Some students store their belongings while away for summer break. By doing so they save on expenses for keeping their rental place.


Relocating to their new home will most likely opt for a storage service. It is time efficient and less stressful for the already overwhelmed homeowners.


A business seeking a safe and dry location to store furniture and/or its equipment. The service is ideal for businesses that are relocating and re-establishing their operations. They often benefit from the special offer on storage that comes with 4 hrs. of removals.

What a storage service has to offer compared to self-storage?


  • Available packing materials and manpower for loading and unloading
  • One of the cheaper storage options
  • On-site manned security and 24/7 CCTV surveillance
  • Ideal storing conditions
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Recyclable cover blankets and packing materials


  • Not always as close as you’d wish
  • You need to consider a minimum of 3 business days in advance to reclaim your belonging
  • No access to the cell during the storage period

Need a containerised storage service?

Book safe and secure storage and let professionals take care of your belongings!

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Is the full-service storage worth the cost?

You can focus on your other activities while the professionals handle the storage pick-up and delivery, and arrange your items in storage for you. Relocations and home remodellings are both stressful and time-consuming tasks that need a lot of time and attention.

An “A to Z” storage service is what you need to take the pressure off your shoulders. You rely on seasoned professionals to handle the storage pick up and delivery and everything in between while you can focus on other pending matters surrounding your move.

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What is the portable storage service?

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Portable storage service refers to Portable Storage Containers. Metal containers of various sizes are used for storing your items. These types of storage units are usually kept outside and can be stacked on top of one another. There are also halls or warehouses where they can be stored. This solely depends on your preferences and the availability of your service provider.  

After you book the service, the provider will drop off the storage container in your driveway/front yard at an agreed-upon time. Your belongings will then be loaded and picked up at the prearranged time. Packing your items safely will be your own responsibility. Keeping the container near your home makes it accessible for you in case such a need arises. This will make it easier to safeguard it as well.

You should negotiate your terms with the service provider in advance!

Most popular sizes of portable storage containers

Portable storage container sizes

Container Dimension (m)Cubic Feet (ft³)Cubic Metres (m³)
2 x 2 x 2.535310
2.5 x 3.5 x 2.577222
2.5 x 5 x 2.5110331

Who can benefit from a portable storage service?

People who want to get rid of some clutter quickly. It is not recommended to place valuable personal belongings in metal containers. Steel boxes are not suitable for transporting fragile materials as before they reach their final destination, your storage container will be lifted and dropped down at least three times. Not to mention the same process upon return.

Those who are doing a home renovation and need a place to store items during construction will find the portable storage units useful. They will benefit from the quick delivery of the container. It is tricky to leave this massive box where it won’t cause any trouble for your neighbours.

The P.S.C is not an option if you live in a flat or in a busy city like London. Blocking roads or causing inconvenience to those living in the same building might result in a fine.

Keeping such a container on your lawn will cause damage to the grass and soil underneath. Have this in mind if you plan to store the container on your property.

Pros and cons of portable storage container service


  • Portable Storage Container could be stored in your yard
  • A Portable Storage Container could be booked for longer periods of time


  • With P.S.C. there is a risk of being fined
  • The Portable Storage Container Service may cause inconvenience to your neighbours
  • Portable storage contains a safety risk
  • There is a risk of damaging items during transportation
  • Your personal Portable Storage Container could be stored outside by your service provider

Is the portable storage service worth it?

This option might be ideal if you have a place to keep the storage unit on your property. Depending on how long you intend to keep it. Ensure it won’t get in your way or worse – in the way of your neighbours. Note, that the smallest container is 2 x 2 x 2.5 metres.

To sum up…

Every client has the option of choosing from a variety of storage solutions available on the market. It is important that you do your research first in order to pick the right service for you. You have to be familiar with the pros and cons of each type of storage and what your needs are. We hope that this article gave you the knowledge you need to make a decision.

Ready to book your storage?

Your possessions will be safe and secure.

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