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Containerised Storage vs Self Storage: Which One Do You Need?

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Storage is getting more and more popular in today’s hectic world where we end up with too many things and struggle for space to fit them. This is where storage services come in and are quite handy.

Regardless if you need to store some things that take up a little more of your home, you are emptying your property for renovation, or you need a space to store your belongings between moves, renting a storage unit can be a game changer.

With growing interest in this type of service, there are a handful of storage options you can choose from, each with its own pros and cons. But how do you know which is the right storage solution for your situation?


  1. How long will you store items?
    Most providers will have special rates for longer periods of storage.
  2. Are your items heavy?
    With self-storage, you will have to lift those items on your own.
  3. Are you storing expensive items?
    Some storage options might not be that secure.
  4. Are you on a schedule?
    Do you have a timeline for loading/unloading and travelling?
  5. Would you need access to the items while in storage?
    If you need constant access to your storage, self-storage would be more suitable.
  6. Do you have space within your property?
    To have a storage container positioned somewhere, where it won’t be in anyone’s way.
  7. Are the stored items fragile?
    It would be great to have insurance added.

What is a containerised storage service?

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With full-service storage, no labour is expected on your behalf. A removal team will come to you, load your stuff in a van and drive it to the storage facility. There, your personal belongings will be placed carefully in wooden containers.

The storage units are stored in CCTV-monitored warehouses that provide low humidity levels and ambient temperature. This ensures proper storage conditions and a high level of security. The service could be arranged to be performed within 24 hours.

Once your belongings are placed in the wooden containers, a seal is installed on each and every one of the containers. Note that it may take a minimum of 3 business days to have your storage units prepared for delivery.

Your belongings are also insured during their stay in the storage and on their way to and from the facility, as well.

Most common size of storage containers

This size equals 160.68 Cubic Feet (ft³) or 4.55 Cubic Metres (m³)

You can always store in two, three or more containers if needed. The size of the storage container provides enough storage space that fits the requirements of the customer. This means that you won’t have to pay for space that you won’t use.

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Who can benefit from a storage service?

The storage service is suitable for everyone looking for a place to store some of their belongings. The removal service will cost you a fee on top of the storage price. However, it will save you the hassle of finding transport and manpower to get your things where they need to be. It also assures you peace of mind that your items are now the responsibility of a professional.

The list of our clients includes:


Some students decide to get back home for the summer. They need a safe place to store their belongings and save expenses on keeping their rental place.

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Moving to their newly acquired home families will most likely need a storage service. It is time-efficient and less stressful for the already overwhelmed homeowners.


A business that is searching for a safe and dry place to store its equipment. The service is perfect for businesses that are relocating and re-establishing their operations. They often benefit from the special offer on storage that comes with 4 hours of removals.

Pros and cons of a storage service


  • Available loading staff and packing materials
  • Among the cheapest storage options
  • 24/7 CCTV and manned
  • Seals on each container
  • Perfect storing conditions
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Recyclable packing materials and cover blankets
  • Insurance is included


  • Not always right around the corner
  • You need to allow a minimum of 3 business days to reclaim your belonging
  • No access to the cell during the storage period

Is the full-service storage worth it?

This service requires minimum engagement on your behalf, and you can focus on your other endeavours, such as relocating or refurbishing, which are both highly stressful and time-consuming. Arranging a storage service will limit distractions and potential mistakes because of deadlines and stress.

An “A to Z” storage service is what you need as you can count on experienced professionals to take care of the storage pick up and delivery and everything in between.

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What is self-storage?

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It is a storage service that you essentially perform yourself. You will have to find a self-storage facility that is in a suitable location for you. After reaching out to the service provider and arranging the time of your arrival, it is time to get to work.

You will have to load your belongings and drive them to the self-storage unit where there are parking lots that you can avail of. You will have to unload your items on spot and figure out a way to fit everything inside the storage space.

Choosing the ideal storage space could be tricky. Be careful with your measurements as in some cases, storage units are actually smaller than advertised.

If you are planning to store multiple items and some furniture, you will need to hire a van to load everything in one go. Otherwise, you will most likely do several courses to the self-storage with your own vehicle.

You may also need to disassemble your furniture to fit it in your car, and this will build upon the time and petrol you spend on the task. You might even end up with a couple of bruises from the loading, ugly scratches on your vehicle’s interior or even accidental paint scratches on the exterior, which would later need professional car detailing.

Not to mention that cardboard boxes and disassembled furniture will most definitely leave some dust and wood chips on your car seats and trunk, and you would need some interior valeting.

For a lot of self-storage places, you will have to bring a lock of your own. You will lock your storage unit with it, meaning that you will solely be responsible for the security.

Prior to loading your stuff, ask if the facility is with a roll-up door or a hinged one. Just to make out whether it would be possible to fit large objects through the entrance.

Most popular sizes of self-storage units

Popular self-storage unit sizes

Cubic Feet (ft³)Cubic Meter (m³)
25  2.32
50 4.64

With self storage you pay for the size of storage space you go for. A common issue is that the smaller sizes get occupied quickly, and you are left with the bigger ones for, of course, a higher cost.

Who can benefit from self-storage?

Self-storage units are not a rare sight in the UK. They do have their perks as well. If you want to store a single big item or a bundle that could be transported at once, self-storage might be your go-to service. If your home renovation is limited to a single room with a few pieces of furniture in, you can also benefit from local self-storage in London.

Many people with small online businesses also choose self-storage to keep their tools and ready merchandise. You just have to be sure that you can spare the time and effort.

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Pros and cons of self-storage


  • Local facility
  • Variety of storage unit sizes
  • Suitable storage conditions
  • You can check your items anytime


  • Takes out a chunk of your time
  • Requires some lifting power to load items yourself
  • You take responsibility for damage during transport
  • You take responsibility for the security
  • You may need to book a van as well
  • You will have to buy packing materials
  •  You may pay more – till the contract ends
  •  Among the most expensive storage options

Is self-storage worth it?

In the end, it is all up to personal preferences and needs. The self-storage’s lack of insurance and security issues might be the deal breaker for you. On the other hand, if you need a single big item or a couple of boxes stored today at your nearest location, self-storage might be your answer.

Carefully plan the period for which you will need your items stored. Most of the “self-storage” facilities charge on a monthly basis. You may not be able to get your items back before paying in full for the period of the contract. It doesn’t matter that it’s “right at the beginning of the month”. The charges that will apply are for a full month of storage.

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The opportunities on the market of storage services can cover the personal requirements of every client. In order to pick the right one for you, you must make an informed choice. You have to be familiar with the perks and downsides of each one. We hope that this article gives you the knowledge you need to make a decision.

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