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Cost of Living in Liverpool: Everything You Need to Know

So, you’ve decided that living in Liverpool is the thing for you. Congratulations, you’ve made a wise choice. This UK city has a lot to offer in every area including cultural, historical, in terms of job options and so much more. But there is always the question that haunts every person looking to start his life in a new place: How much will it cost me?

We get it – researching house prices and thinking about where exactly to move to can be quite stressful, which is why we’ve created this handy guide.

No matter if you:

  • Are a student looking into Liverpool uni accommodation prices;
  • Have a family and want to buy the perfect house;
  • Happen to be just curious.

We got you covered.

Table of Contents:

What is the average salary in Liverpool

It’s no surprise that the average salary in Liverpool is not as high as the one in London, but we need to keep in mind that the overall cost of living there is also a lot lower. In terms of the exact numbers, the average wage is £23,520.

The most popular career paths are the ones in:

  • software development;
  • graphic design;
  • management;
  • accounting;
  • and education.

Rent in Liverpool – what to expect

The average apartment rent in Liverpool

Like with any other city in the world, the apartment rents in Liverpool are based on factors like the number of rooms and most importantly – the location. Of course, there are also cheaper alternatives like renting a property in the outskirts of the metropolitan. However, if you are contemplating moving to the urban part of Liverpool, don’t forget about the transportation costs.

Now that we’ve covered these basic facts, here is the cost of renting an apartment in Liverpool:

  • A single bedroom flat to rent in Liverpool city centre will cost you around £650.
  • A single bedroom flat located outside of the city will be priced at £480.
  • A three-bedroom flat in the centre of Liverpool can be found for £1,000.
  • A three-bedroom flat in the outskirts of the city is £700.

The cost of renting a house in Liverpool

The cost of renting a house in Liverpool is quite similar to that of an apartment. But don’t expect to get a three-bedroom house for £1,000 in the centre – a single-bedroom apartment in the city can be the same price as a huge house in the urban area of Liverpool. The things that determine a property’s rent are generally the location and the size. Prices start from £500 and reach up to £2500. For example, if you have a family or you are looking to start one, you can get a four-bedroom house for £1500 in a good neighbourhood. And if you still haven’t decided on which part of Liverpool you want to be in, you can check our article about the best places in the area.

The cost of living in Liverpool for students

Most university campuses are located in the city centre, which has a good and a bad side, the bad one being that Liverpool uni accommodation prices are higher than in other parts of town. Again, you can always opt to live a bit farther from the centre like in Kensington, Edge Hill or Toxtext to save a bit of money. That being said, don’t forget to add the cost of transport to your calculations. If you decide to move somewhere in the outskirts of the city, we advise to check out Merseytravel In Liverpool so you can get yourself a student travel pass with a discount.

House prices in Liverpool

If you have decided to finally settle down and are looking for a home to invest in, buying one in Liverpool right now is a very good idea. The house prices in Liverpool have dropped significantly in the last year and properties are selling like hotcakes. You probably want an exact number, right? Drum roll, please. The average house price in Liverpool is… 

What about the utility bills

The money you are going to spend on utility bills highly depends on how many people are living in the house/flat and their habits. If you love cooking and you spend more time around your oven, then you’ll have a higher electrical bill, for example. If we are talking in numbers, your basic utility bills that include, water, electricity, gas and waste for an 85 sq-m2 property will be around £150.


  • Living in the city centre has its benefits, but the rent rates are definitely not one of them.
  • If you decide to live in the urban area of Liverpool to save a bit of cash, don’t forget to add the cost of transportation to the whole equation. 
  • In comparison to London and other big cities in the UK, living in Liverpool is definitely a lot cheaper.


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Image source: depositphotos / sakhanphotography

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