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COVID and supermarkets – cleaning and social distancing

UK supermarkets have remained open throughout COVID lockdown. If you’re part of a supermarket management team, well done, you’ve been doing a great job and indeed have proven to be essential.

The challenges ahead of us are enormous. Not only to keep customers coming through your doors and enabling them to get what they need. But also to protect them and your staff while they do their entirely essential work.

To help you meet these challenges, Fantastic Services has gathered together some useful information and specifically developed services to help you manage the COVID crisis:

Supermarkets – what is being done?

Supermarket managers and staff across the country are working hard to feed us all under a great deal of pressure.

Making the changes the government has requested at the same time as staying open has been tough. It’s called for numerous measures, including:

  • Erecting sneeze guards and other barriers.
  • Adding one-way systems and other methods of limiting customer interaction.
  • Creating queueing systems outside of stores.
  • Intensive cleaning regimes at the end of every working day.
  • Provided hand sanitizer and plastic gloves at entry points.

What does the government say?

You’ll no doubt be all too familiar with the government rules and regulations at this point:

  • Limit the number of customers in stores.
  • Create sufficient spacing between individuals in store.
  • Encourage customers not to buy what they don’t need.

If you need a refresher, you can find the full guidelines at

What do supermarket managers and staff say?

Supermarket managers and staff have found themselves unexpectedly recognised as essential front-line workers during the COVID pandemic.

Initially, this meant struggling with stressed, panic-buying customers who often forgot that the people who they were shouting at were trying to help them.

Now, many staff are saying it’s more of a struggle to remind customers to keep obeying social distancing rules.

What do the experts say?

Supermarkets are inarguably essential in most parts of the UK, so expert advice has largely been related to how to take the above measures and minimise the risks involved to customers and staff.

Supermarkets – COVID cleaning and social distancing measures

Keeping your staff and colleagues safe during COVID lockdown is likely at the top of your list of priorities.

To that end, Fantastic Services has developed services to make this easier. We can help you with intensive antiviral cleaning and to further safeguard your team through making social distancing possible:

COVID-19 antiviral sanitisation service for your store or supermarket

We have developed a service to help combat the spread of COVID-19. Now you can get an intensive clean of your entire premises or certain essential areas to ensure they have been properly disinfected. The service includes the use of a professional machine that disperses microscopic droplets of virucide all over the place, covering all areas and surfaces to eliminate the dangers of infection. Here are the important details.

  • Using BS EN 1276 certified non-toxic virucidal solutions.
  • Kills 99.999% of germs, thus minimising the risk of viral infection. 
  • Carried out by experienced technicians in full protective gear. 
  • Can be adapted for vehicles as well.

Book Antiviral Cleaning for your store

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COVID-19 social distancing preparation

Here are some recommendations. Store furniture or equipment, build protective screens and more.

  • Clear space for social distancing measures.
  • Removal and storage of excess furniture.
  • Professionals to install sneeze guard screens and other protections.

Image source: Depositphotos/ Syda_Productions

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