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COVID and Uber drivers – going back to work safely

If you are an Uber driver, COVID lockdown almost certainly has meant some tough times for you.

Demand is at incredibly low right now. Risk, on the other hand, is high. Support, as is often the case, is not all we wish it could be.

If you’re wondering how to get back to work safely as an Uber driver (or a driver for any other ride-hailing service or delivery driver), Fantastic Services has gathered some useful information and resources for you.

Uber drivers – what is being done?

In the UK, Uber is currently running some trial schemes in the North of England designed to make getting back to work safer for drivers and passengers.

They are doing things like installing plastic partition screens in vehicles where local authorities have permitted them. Anything to try and make transport safer, though the jury is out on whether partition screens actually work.

Currently, Uber says you can still drive for them during lockdown. But trips must qualify as essential travel. If you’re in any doubt, you can check their guidance at 

What does the government say?

Many parts of the UK have their own guidelines for how drivers and carriers should operate. For example, Transport for London suggests:

  • Social distancing measures, with passengers only sitting in back seats.
  • Drivers carry hand sanitiser with 60% minimum alcohol content to use when touching risky surfaces.

You can find the full government guidelines for vehicle operators at

What do Uber drivers say?

For most drivers, lockdown has been a financial catastrophe. As your working conditions involve being in a confined space with other people, the pandemic has also meant you face risk levels approaching those of front-line staff.

Many taxi drivers, as well as Uber drivers, say they face an impossible choice between risking their health with every passenger they pick up versus the financial risk of not working.

What do the experts say?

United Private Hire Drivers, the industry’s regulating body, has said that experts and the government need to provide further clarification of what they should do.

They point to misclassification of the industry and a failure on the part of Uber to restrict passengers and the government and various authorities to provide sensible safety regulations instead of vague guidelines.

Uber drivers – working safely

One of the best ways to encourage fares back into your vehicle – and to make it safe for you to drive them – is to make it clear that you are a clean operation.

If you are continuing to work, you should consider whether wearing a facemask might be a good idea (as well as requesting that passengers do the same). You should also wash your hands regularly, obey social distancing, consider ventilation measures and also have your vehicle cleaned and disinfected regularly, especially the highly touched areas such as handles.

In addition, Fantastic Services has a specific service designed to help you with the fresh, cleaner, and safer start.

COVID-19 car, SUV and vehicle antiviral sanitisation

Get a thorough antiviral sanitisation of your vehicle. It is done with professional equipment that disperses microscopic droplets inside the vehicles. They end up covering all the surfaces safely and disinfect them within a few minutes. The procedure usually takes 30 minutes per vehicle. Here are all the important details.

  • Using BS EN 1276 certified non-toxic virucidal solutions
  • Kills 99.999% of germs, thus minimising the risk of viral infection 
  • Carried out by experienced technicians in full protective gear
  • Vacuum of all interior spaces included before treatment.
  • Includes exterior handles and the entire interior.

Book Antiviral Cleaning for your vehicle

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