Imagine staying at home, watching a movie, or reading a book, when suddenly the door opens by itself. You’re so badly spooked, you can’t come back to the story you were just immersed into. Now, all you’re thinking about is why this door opened by itself.

There are a few of reasons for that:

Reasons the Door Opened by Itself

  • It was the wind. If there’s a serious draft in your house, then it’s very possible for the wind to cause your door to open by itself. But that’s highly doubtful, considering you would have heard the howling beforehand.
  • There’s something wrong with the door. If the door opens by itself, this can tell you a couple of things about the door’s maintenance that we will mention later on. But first, we should exclude the other obvious reasons.
  • Someone’s playing a prank on you. Children, pets, roommates, even parents get in a mischievous mood when Halloween approaches. They could be doing this on purpose. However, if you live alone, there is only one other reason.
  • It’s ghosts! As we said, Halloween is approaching and the spirits of the afterlife wish to make their presence known. What could be their goal? Is there a message they want to send? Do they have a goal? Could they be bored and just decided to play a prank on you? In that case, they’re not any different than your mischievous roommate.

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Could it Really be Ghosts?

Before we reach a conclusion, we should first check the facts. We do this by answering a few important questions.

Is your house built on an ancient graveyard?

You might have lived on an ancient burial ground without even knowing it. Maybe, this would explain why the landlord or the realtor was so eager to give you this house. There could be a conspiracy going on here. Of course, this is highly unlikely, but even if it was, there is something else that you should take into account.

Have you done anything that would cause a ghost’s outrage?

Ghosts wouldn’t attack you for no reason. So, unless you’ve been playing with amulets, witchcraft, crystal balls, or other spiritual things, there’s no reason for them to come into the land of the living. And, besides…

Would ghosts really care about scaring you?

If there are ghosts, then they most likely came to tell you something. But, if that’s the case, they wouldn’t just open the door and stay quiet. They would levitate you in the air, appear in your dreams, write on your walls. Yes, these things are scary but they have a purpose – communication. Just opening a door does not communicate anything.

Is it just a problem with the door’s maintenance?

In the end, the simplest conclusion is the right one. It’s not uncommon for a door’s wear and tear to cause it to lose its most important function – staying closed. Time to inspect it.

Why Does the Door Open by Itself?

The most common reason is the hinge. If it’s an old door, it’s very possible that the problem is in pins or the shims of the hinge. They would need a certain adjustment. If you are a skilled handyman and know how the door handles work, you would need no more than an hour to fix this problem.

How to Fix a Door that Opens by Itself

  • Get into position. Close the door and take a good look at the hinges. They are your main culprit in this maintenance exercise.
  • Slide a shim. Your target is right between the jamb and the door on the opposite side of the hinges near the top. Insert the shim carefully.
  • Remove the pin from the top hinge. Hold a nail against the base of the pin at the bottom of the hinge and tap it upward with a hammer, until the pin is out of the hinge.
  • Check the removed pin. If it isn’t straight, lay it on the edge of a sturdy table and tap it with the hammer until it is.
  • Put the pin back. Use the hammer to tap the pin gently into place. Test the door. If it still opens on its own, do the same with the bottom hinge and pin. If there is still a problem, move on to adjusting the hinges.
  • Slide a shim between the door frame and the bottom hinge. First, you have to loosen the screws, until there is enough room to slide the shim. The gap underneath the hinge should be wider than above the hinge. Then, you slide the shim.
  • Tighten the screws. Your job is done, so just tighten the screws and test to see if the door opens by itself again. If it does, repeat this process with the bottom hinge.

Halloween is coming and we at Fantastic Services know how small maintenance problems can cause quite the scare in people who preserved a child’s heart. Do not be scared and seek professional handyman help when the problem persists.

  • Last update: May 27, 2019

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