Earth Day And Our Sustainable Honey Bee Colony Project

Today, April 22, we celebrate the 45th Earth Day.

Back in 1970, United States Senator Gaylord Nelson founded this day in appreciation of Mother
Nature, and as a reminder that we bear responsibility to the environment. But are we, as a
whole, doing what’s right? Is tree planting and recycling good enough? Because word is, the
bee population is dying out.

The Pressing Matter With Honey Bees

You might be worried that if the bees go extinct, some day you won’t be able to enjoy your Earl
Grey with honey at breakfast. The thing is, if we are to indeed go through a “beemagedon”,
you’ll probably have troubles with the rest of your breakfast as well. And the rest of your meals.

The long story sounds like complicated biology but the short one is more like simple math: no
bees equals no pollination for 70% of edible crops worldwide. And no food means… well, there
are plenty of movies with great post-apocalyptic imagery.

Scientists are still kind of scratching their heads over exactly why our buzzing friends keep
declining like this. It appears that global pollution is only one of the nails in the mass bee coffin
but one thing is for sure, the entirety of mankind has helped a great deal with the situation we
are facing.

The Sustainable Honey Bee Colony

As part of a new sustainability project, we got ourselves about a dozen Kenyan Top Bar Hives.
We have found a suitable spot for the hives, away from urban zones that slowly smother the

Our plan is to grow almond trees around the hives which eventually will form a natural habitat
for the honey bees where they can live happily and undisturbed. The almonds won’t be farmed
and the land will be kept pesticide-free so our buzzing pals can thrive and do their magic (you
know, the one that keeps us well-fed and all).

Maybe our model will turn into a global initiative one day, who knows? Let’s hope things will turn
out fantastic!

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Last update: August 23, 2018

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