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Common Electrolux Appliance Error Codes

You have an Electrolux appliance, but it ceases to work properly, and a flashing error code appears on its digital display? We know the thrill. It is not anything nice, for sure. But although Electrolux appliances boast high quality and efficiency, the chance that they can experience malfunctioning still exists. Such things can happen even to the best machines.

Fortunately, Electrolux appliances are equipped with diagnostic systems which monitor the internal processes and intervene to protect the appliance in the event of a problem. When something of this sort happens, the appliance will try to send you a message by showing an error code. The good news is that the troubleshooting of some faults can be easily managed by you. Alternatively, if you don’t feel confident enough that you have the skills to fix your Electrolux appliance, keep in mind that seeking help from an experienced mechanic is always a good idea.

So, if you:

  • Own an Electrolux appliance, but it ceases to work properly
  • Want to know what the fault code you see means and if it’s a cause for concern 
  • Want to learn when you should contact a specialised technician

Then, keep reading because this article is just for you! To help you understand the specifications of Electrolux error codes and the meaning behind them, we have gathered the most common Electrolux fault codes in one place, along with the possible reasons for them.

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Common Electrolux dishwasher error codes

Electrolux dishwashers are known to offer great efficiency and modern technologies. Moreover, homeowners owning Electrolux dishwashers enjoy the convenience of the integrated self-diagnosing system that can prevent further damage to the appliance and determine what is the existing problem. When your dishwasher detects an issue it will show a code in an alphanumeric form. 

Some examples of the most common Electrolux dishwasher error codes can be found below, as well as what they signify. Using the meaning behind the common Electrolux dishwasher fault codes, you can decide to try and fix the problem on your own or contact a technician. Depending on the fault, you may be able to eliminate the issue seamlessly. On the other hand, if you are unsure, it is advisable to leave the technical repair to the experts.

  • i10 – Water supply issue. The required water level is not reached within the time period. Possible inlet valve fault.
  • i20 – Wastewater drainage fault.
  • i30 – Aque-stop system turned on. Possible leak.
  • i50 – Circulation pump motor failure. Possible short circuit.
  • i60Temperature sensor indicating a fault. Insufficient heating or overheating.
  • i70 – NTC sensor fault.
  • i80 – Data exchange issue between the microprocessor and the EEPROM.
  • i90 – Control board error.
  • iA0 – An arm cannot rotate properly or a faulty sensor.
  • iB0 – Turbidity sensor fault.
  • iC0– Electronic control board fault. 
  • iD0, iAd0 – Circulation motor sensor error.
  • iF01 – Insufficient water supply during the washing stage.
  • #LOC – Door lock error.
  • Er-03 – Wash motor/pump failed.
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Common Electrolux washing machine error codes

Are you suspecting that there is something wrong with your Electrolux washing machine? The signs of a problem present can be many. From odd noises to your Electrolux washing machine not spinning, if your washer is malfunctioning, you would be able to tell. But to help you understand the real reason behind this malfunctioning and how to fix it, your Electrolux appliance will display an error code.

If you are looking to find out what the short message on the dashboard display means, check below the most common Electrolux washing machine error codes. Fortunately, it is possible to fix part of the issues straight away. However, bear in mind that not all Electrolux washing machine fault codes mean a simple solution.

  • E01Insufficient water supply. Possible clogging, inlet valve fault or closed water tap.
  • E02 – Door open.
  • E03 – Door unlocked. Probable door switch fault.
  • E04 – Low temperature. Open circuit in temperature sensor.
  • E05 – High temperature. Short circuit in temperature sensor.
  • E06 – Water level too high at the end of the program due to draining issues. Possible drain pump fault or clogging.
  • E07 – Water overfill.
  • E08 – Heating error or defective heater.
  • E10Drainage issue.  
  • E11 – Unbalanced sensor fault.
  • E13 – Communication error between the PCU and the motor control unit.
  • E14 – Level calibration error.
  • E20 – Interlock status error. The signal between the door sensor and the PCU is lost.

Note: If your Electrolux washing machine displays any of the above-mentioned error codes when the power is turned on, this can be due to the memory of the last state of the machine before the automatic power off.

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  • Electrolux appliances have self-diagnosing systems integrated to detect problems and prevent damages from happening.
  • The error codes are there to help you identify the cause of an issue and if possible, fix it.
  • Some of the most common issues with dishwashers and washing machines are insufficient water, drain and heating error or an incorrectly closed door.


Have you experienced an error code with your appliance? Tell us in the comments section below!

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