Entrepreneurs Make Alternative New Year’s Resolutions – What’s Yours?


This week in The Guardian, a group of entrepreneurs were asked what new habits they’ll be trying to get into this year.

One of those interviewed about their alternative New Year’s resolutions was Fantastic Services CEO and Co-Founder Rune Sovndahl.

So what are Rune and the other business leaders interviewed going to be getting more of this year? Surely these go-getting types are recommending something a little more interesting than watching less television?

Alternative New Year’s resolutions are very much the “thing” this year. They tend to be something a little different to the usual “I’m definitely going to the gym more” or “I’m not going to keep eating that amount of chocolate every day.

The Guardian gathered entrepreneurs from several industries, including Chris McCullough, CEO of RotaGeek the scheduling software firm, and Raissa and Joyce de Haas, the twin sisters and founders of Double Dutch Drinks.

Alternative New Year’s Resolutions

So what new habits are these exciting business leaders getting into?

  • Fix sleep patterns – Chris McCullough has decided to make changes to his sleeping schedule to make sure he’s alert when he needs to be. Polyphasic sleeping (where you sleep for shorter periods of set times through the day and night) sounds tricky to us, but the tech CEO seems keen on the benefits.
  • Get away from the Internet – Rune’s big passion is cave diving, and the Fantastic Services CEO tells The Guardian that he’s really going to make the time for it this year. It teaches some skills which he thinks are actually completely transferable between the business and adventuring worlds, but mainly – it gets him away from the Internet.
  • Argue more… constructively! – the de Haas sisters work and live together, and they soon realised that in a pressure-filled environment this can lead to some pretty fiery disagreements. Their solution? Arguing more (you’ll have to read the article for the explanation as to why this actually does make sense!).

Set Your Own New Year’s Resolutions

But that’s not all you’ll find in the article!

See how and why these CEOs recommend their new practices, and what they hope their alternative New Year’s resolutions are going to do for their business skills, by reading the full “‘I took up polyphasic sleeping’: alternative New Year’s resolutions” article over at The Guardian.

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Last update: August 28, 2018

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