Every City Worker Needs GoFantastic!

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At least, that’s what the folks over at Square Mile – the go-getting City of London men’s health and lifestyle magazine – have said in one of their latest articles.

Appearing beside such well-known names as Task RabbitThread, and Velocity, our humble little on-demand domestic services app is in some great company.

See what the good people over at the Square Mile had to say about GoFantastic, and the other apps they picked out of the pack, here.

So what exactly did the men’s lifestyle magazine think set GoFantastic apart from the competition?

They liked that:

  • It’s the first domestic services app to let you book more than one type of service from the same reliable company
  • All workers are fully vetted and insured
  • There’s more than 40 different services on offer – so you can get everything you need easily!

Most Useful Apps

It’s not only GoFantastic which got the nod from Square Mile though. So what else is there on offer?

Some of our personal favourite apps chosen from Square Mile‘s list include:

  • Velocity – this is a really handy app for booking restaurants in London, and a couple of other big cities. Last minute reservations, no problem!
  • Zipjet and Laundrapp – we’ve already partnered up with these break-out on demand laundry apps, so we know how good their services are. Highly recommended!
  • Fresh Fitness Food – finally, if you’re on the almost-obligatory New Year’s Resolution health kick, this is a great little food app. It sends you specially designed meals from locally sourced ingredients, all matched to your dietary requirements and food plans.

There are another 11 suggested must-have apps on the list though. Follow the link at the foot of the page to see what they are for yourself!

Get Your Free Domestic Services App Now

You can get your own copy of our handy free on demand domestic services app via the App Store or the Google Play Store right now.

Or you can check out these and other recommendations from Square Mile, by scrolling through the full list of “The apps every City worker needs on their phone” on their website now.

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Last update: June 6, 2018

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