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Famous Faces – Fantastic Celebrity Clients 2017!

With Fantastic Services, everyone gets the same level of personalised service. But sometimes one of our highly trained cleaners, gardeners, removal experts or handymen will be at work only to think. “I’m sure I recognise this client from somewhere!” And on many occasions, they’ve been right! This year’s Fantastic client base has included:

Elena Ora

Talent agent Elena, sister of famous-voiced Rita, is another user of Fantastic Services. Elena had one of our teams over to clean her very green apartment last year.

Amy Bannerman

Fashion Director at Cosmopolitan UK, Amy leads a busy lifestyle – one which she found Fantastic Services could supplement by being “a really helpful boyfriend but without the need for commitment” last year. We love her way with words!

Amanda Statham

Another Cosmopolitan alumnus, Travel Editor Amanda used Fantastic Services to deep clean her home and clear her garden after a year of refurbishment work last year. We delivered a service standard which meant she was happy to keep using us, providing an experience close to the ones Amanda has had in the 58 (!) countries she’s visited in her life so far. Safe travels in 2018, Amanda!

Alex Wood

The Memo’s Editor in Chief moved house last year and called in the Fantastic Removals team for a helping hand. With a hectic schedule which also included contributing to The Guardian, The Telegraph and CNN as well as being a guest lecturer at City University London, we can see why Alex needed a way to make life simpler!

Anna Whitehouse, a.k.a. Mother Pukka

Anna Whitehouse is probably better known as blogger, vlogger and journalist Mother Pukka. Though we were a little worried about her declaration that we’d have to work hard to achieve the cleanliness standards she demanded, we think the glowing review means we made it. She also seems to have struck up an – ahem – “purely visual” (as she puts it) relationship with one of our Fantastic gardeners. Hopefully, this means we’ll be seeing more of her in 2018!

Vas J Morgan

Team-favourite Vas is always kind enough to mention Fantastic when he uses one of our services. The well-known celebrity blogger, reporter and star of The Only Way Is Essex moved house late last year and called us in so he had more time to plan his move (and remember the great parties he’d thrown in his old pad, of course)!

Pandora Sykes

Current affairs and pop culture podcast the High-Low’s host Pandora was moving on from her long-loved home in Linden Gardens. She and partner Ollie only needed some fantastic assistance in the shape of handyman, gardening, end of tenancy cleaning and removals to get on the way! The freelance writer and host kindly sent us some thanks on Twitter and Instagram – you’re most welcome, Pandora!

Goodbye Linden Gardens! You have been the happiest home for the last 6 years. It is the only home Indi 😼 (who is clearly too fat for her overpriced Christmas costume) has ever known; it is where @ollietritton and I have conducted almost our entire relationship (yes, somewhat nuttily we moved in together after 3 months); it is where our daughter was conceived (probably – could have been behind the bins by Dominos) and above all, it has served as a stage for an almost exorbitant amount of love – thanks to every friend and family member that has walked through the door. I will not miss the 69 stairs (nor will they), but I *will* miss the barista a mere 90 second stroll from my bed, who makes my skinny flat white the moment I walk in, so it’s ready by the time I get to the counter 💁🏼‍♀️. I now know why people say that moving house is the most stressful thing you can do (bar having kids, natch): if it wasn’t for @fantasticservices – who packed, pest controlled, cleaned and ferried – I think @ollietritton and I would be even more broken than we are, 10 hours later. Now time to sit on a box and order a 🍕

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Leigh-Anne Pinnock – Little Mix

The Little Mix star is a regular Fantastic Services user and we’re always grateful for her habit of being so ready with her thanks. Sometimes you come across people who are just a genuine pleasure to meet and work for. Good luck at the Brits this year, Leigh-Anne!

Karl “Konan” Wilson – Krept and Konan

London rap duo Krept and Konan have several fans in the Fantastic Services office, so when Karl Wilson – a.k.a. Konan – ordered a service last year it was a quiet round of cheering all round!

Neelam Gill

Most recently featuring once again on the cover of ELLE magazine – this time made her the first British Indian model to do so solo – Neelam often uses Fantastic Services to keep her apartment spotless while she’s working. We’re looking forward to seeing lots more of Neelam in prominent places in 2018!


We at Fantastic Services would like to express our sincere gratitude for all the help we got from our celebrity clients helping us spread the word. Here’s to a successful 2018! 

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