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Celebrating Our 11th Birthday: Fantastic Academy Is Now Available For All

The challenges we overcame together in the last months got us thinking about a way to pay back to our fantastic community. We understand that we’re surrounded by diverse people with different life purposes, so decided to give away what we are best at – the ins and outs of running a property maintenance company. To mark our 11th anniversary, we are making our custom-built training platform, Fantastic Academy, available for all of you.

A message from our founders:

“June 2020 is a significant milestone for Fantastic Services as it marks the company’s 11th anniversary. In the light of recent events, we halted celebrations and instead we decided to share our knowledge and everything we’ve learnt during that time with you.

We have no desire to add to the glut of people who are advising, guiding and educating others on surviving an unprecedented time because the future is always uncertain. We don’t know what it holds. Nobody knows. That said, we understand lots of people are going through difficulties whilst adjusting to “the new normal”.

During the past 11 years, the loyalty of our Fantastic community genuinely motivated us to pay it forward. In honour of our milestone, we would like to share with you some exciting news.

We are stepping up to support people who lost their job or gave up their business ventures by making our exclusive training, the Fantastic Academy, available to all of them!

Initially designed to train our franchisees, Fantastic Academy is an online platform that gives you the opportunity to become a successful business owner or become an exceptional professional in the cleaning, gardening, pest control or other home-maintenance industry.

Perceiving the social distancing as an opportunity for reflection and change, we believe our knowledge should not be kept a secret. That’s why our experience and know-how will be passed to others who want to become part of our world. The silver lining to the upcoming recession is called reinvention. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself, to change, to grow!”

Stay Safe,
Stay Fantastic!”

Anton Skarlatov & Rune Sovndahl

About Fantastic Academy

Fantastic Academy is an online platform that offers full training for individuals and companies that are looking to develop their professional and business skills. Initially designed to train and onboard new franchisees of Fantastic Services, the platform includes various service-performance and business-managing courses.

There are different packages that can fit everyone’s field of expertise and future goals. Their Business Course is ideal for people who are about to open a home-services company, as well as the ones who want to take their existing cleaning business to new heights. For the individuals who want to level-up their professional skills and provide outstanding services, the Fantastic Academy provides service packages.

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