A ‘Fantastic’ Autumn Statement?

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The Evening Standard has recently published an article asking business leaders of all kinds what they hope to see in the forthcoming Autumn Statement. Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond is due to make the statement to parliament in the very near future.

And with the issue of Brexit looming large on the horizon, the Evening Standard wanted to know how the leaders of both large and small companies were hoping the government’s plans are going to play out.

Fantastic Services’ own Co-Founder and CEO Rune Sovndahl was one of those interviewed.

As the Evening Standard has a readership of over 2.5 million people, we’re always very proud to get a mention – especially as one of the case studies on such an important issue.

The entrepreneurs and business leaders who were interviewed included Ivana Ojukwu of See Fashion – a rather cool startup aimed at new fashion designers – Daren and Suzanne Spence of the drinks company We Are Tea, and prospective first-time home buyers Katie McGuile and Matthew Green.

Business Leaders Concerns Over Brexit

Understandably, the way in which the government is planning to deal with Brexit – whenever details of any such plan do actually emerge – was foremost in the minds of all of the leaders, entrepreneurs, and potential home owners who were interviewed.

Some of the business leaders’ concerns over Brexit and the Autumn Statement were:

  • Value of the pound – despite some erroneous claims to the contrary, the value of the pound is still at almost its lowest level in thirty years. Whether it was because of house prices or suppliers, the value of the pound was a serious worry for all the interviewees.
  • The divided country – the divisive nature of the EU referendum campaign has left wounds which don’t seem likely to heal any time soon. At least one of the interviewees cited the dangers of uncertainty, forging ahead without any realistic plan.
  • Hiring talent – several business owners expressed concern over what any Brexit deals would mean for hiring talented workers from inside the EU.

Despite this, all the leaders interviewed were confident they would make their particular business a success no matter what happened in the aftermath of Brexit. It probably has something to do with the attitude required to be a successful entrepreneur!

What Was in the Autumn Statement?

You can read for yourself all the upcoming news – including details regarding the Autumn Statement, and future Brexit plans which might affect your business – over at the Evening Standard.

Read the case studies article – entitled “What the Autumn Statement will mean for you” – by following the link.

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Last update: August 27, 2018

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