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A Fantastic Charity Begins at Home (and in the community!)

When Barnet calls, Fantastic Services answers!

Our latest collaboration with local communities has seen us in the London Borough of Barnet, providing a little bit of gardening assistance for a local family who really needed it.

Working with the brilliant team at Barnet TV, we descended on the member of the Barnet community Terri Langston’s outdoor space to help her out of a difficult spot…

What is Barnet TV?

Barnet TV is an online television channel bringing you the latest news about what’s on in Barnet!

It keeps the people of Barnet connected with local events and activities happening throughout the Borough. The goal is to try to provide value for all members of the community.

It’s a fantastic channel. It’s also something which any community could (and probably should!) try to emulate.

What did we get up to together?

The Barnet TV team introduced us to Terri Langston.

Terri is a single mother whose child has multiple disabilities. Terri herself has learning disabilities and limited resources. It’s difficult for her to take care of her garden alone and also difficult to spare the budget for a professional gardening service.

Terri and her little family live in Burnt Oak, a town inside of Barnet. It’s an area which is extremely diverse, both culturally and economically.

Here you’ll find people on both the low and high sides of the financial coin living side by side. Most houses here have a front and back gardens and everyone tries their best to keep them neat and tidy.

This means an untidy garden really stands out. So we were more than happy to make sure Terri’s doesn’t any more! Check out the before and after shots below to see the work the gardeners did. You can also check out the full video showing the transformation process here.

Fantastic Services charity work

This is by no means the first time Fantastic Services has taken on charity work for local people:

You might remember that we previously helped out on the BBC’s DIY SOS, helped clean up a section of the Thames with the hard-working Thames21 and helped the heroes over at SLAID (South London Aid in Dominica) get their donations on their way to where they are needed most. Most recently, in light of the Holidays, we’ve donated 7 Christmas Trees to schools in London.

Get some Fantastic help for your charity!

If you have a project in your local area which you think would benefit from some Fantastic attention, please do get in touch.

We’re always keen to give back to the communities we serve when we can.

We do get a lot of requests for charity projects. But if yours is going to be a lot of help to a lot of people – or just a few people who are very much in need – we’d love to hear from you!

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