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Rune Sovndahl Interview on BBC Business Live

Fantastic Services is in the news again! This time company CEO and Co-Founder Rune Sovndahl has been interviewed on BBC Business Live. So what questions did he get asked?

Well, you’ll need to take a quick glance at the piece for yourself, but in short, the BBC Business Live team wanted to know about:

The growth of the domestic services industry. How Fantastic Services came about. Beating the recession. Cleaning prices. Brexit…

And more too! Check out what Rune had to say here.

BBC Business Live is the broadcaster’s main channel for stories relating to finance and the world of work. For this reason, it’s great for Fantastic Services to be asked to participate in an interview.

The main subject of the chat that Rune had with BBC Business Live presenters was the expansion of the domestic services industry – and how this sector of the economy seems to have beaten the recession.

Cash Rich But Time Poor

More people being “cash rich but time poor” was a good phrase used by the BBC Business Live team. And it’s probably one of the contributing factors to the domestic services industry doing more than “surviving” the recession. In many cases, well-run businesses in this sector are in a better position than they were before the recession hit! This has been helped by the fact that generally speaking, cleaning services in London are cheaper now than they were before 2008.

So how has Fantastic Services in particular dealt with the recession?

  • Simplicity – you get what you’re looking for. We’re not a price comparison site.
  • Technology – there’s less money all round, but by using technology Fantastic Services has kept costs down – our GoFantastic booking app is a prime example of this.
  • Efficiency – this is what it’s all about. Rune will happily talk about efficiency for hours – and in interviews in the past he’s been asked to!

Get the Same Recession-Beating Domestic Services Yourself!

Download your own GoFantastic app from the Google Play Store or the App Store now. Or simply pick up your phone and give us a call – on 020 3404 3444 – or fill in our online booking form to get in touch.

Plus, that was by no means all that was covered in the interview. Check it out for yourself over at the BBC Business Live website.

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Last update: August 22, 2018

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