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Fantastic Delivers Royal Trinity Hospice Free Tree – It’s Christmas!

Christmas Time is a time for giving and a time for caring. Few charities represent that ethos as well as Royal Trinity Hospice based in Clapham, London.

So when Royal Trinity Hospice asked Fantastic Services if we would once again provide a Christmas tree to add to their forthcoming remembrance celebration service, we were glad to be able to oblige them. This year’s Royal Trinity Hospice free tree was delivered on the 7th December.

Fantastic Services is always looking for ways to give back to the community – particularly at Christmas time. Last year we delivered a Christmas tree to Royal Trinity Hospice for free. The team there are incredibly hard-working so it seemed like the least we could do!

They were so happy and grateful in 2016 that when they got in touch this year asking if it was something we would be willing do one more time, we didn’t even think twice whether to contribute.

What is Royal Trinity Hospice?

Royal Trinity Hospice provides end of life care for the people of seven London boroughs, and the hospice has a long history of being a resource for Londoners who need it. Here are some interesting facts about the hospice:

  • All of Royal Trinity Hospice’s services are free – to patients and their friends and families.
  • Trinity receives only a quarter of its income from the NHS – they must raise over £9 million each year for their services to continue.
  • It’s the oldest hospice in England – Royal Trinity Hospice was founded in 1891. Check out their website for some great photographs of their early years!
  • They have over two acres of award-winning gardens – beautifully appointed, these are used by patients and visitors to relax in throughout the year.
  • You can volunteer in more than 20 ways – whether you want to volunteer a little time in your own community, in a shop, or at the hospice itself, Royal Trinity Hospice has many ways in which generous Londoners can contribute. There’s occasionally even an NVQ opportunity available for volunteering there. Check their website for further details.

The 6-foot Christmas tree which Fantastic Services has provided will be part of a remembrance celebration service at St Mary the Boltons in Kensington, conducted by Reverend Jenny Walsh, and then taken outside for carol services.

Merry Christmas, Royal Trinity Hospice!

Get a Free Tree Like Royal Trinity Hospice

As we say, we’re always looking for ways to give back to deserving causes like Royal Trinity Hospice.

If you think that your noble might be a deserving recipient of some Fantastic service, please reach us here.

Wonder how it all went down? Check the pictures in the gallery below!

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