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Win a free Fantastic gift every day this Easter!

Spring is in the air and there are prizes to be won! Because who said advent calendars are a good idea only for Christmas?!

If you got in on our Christmas Advent Calendar, you know the deal. Once again, we’re giving away discounts and vouchers for money off or completely FREE cleaning and home maintenance services as well as a free Fantastic Club subscription!

There’ll be no need to hunt around for those eggs either. All you need to do is check your Fantastic Easter Advent Calendar every day to see what you could win.

It could be something almost as good as chocolate…

To find out what you could win, check your Fantastic Easter Advent Calendar once per day. It takes about five seconds. (While you’re having your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning or relaxing in the evening are good times.) Click to open today’s door and, if you’ve won, the Fantastic Easter Bunny will soon be in touch.

There’s a chance to win a prize every day!

Open the first door of your Fantastic Easter Advent Calendar

Here’s how it happens:

  1. Every day from now until the day before Easter (20th April), a new door on your Fantastic Easter Advent Calendar will be ready for you to open.
  2. Click on the door and it will break like an egg.
  3. Does that prize sound good to you? Fill in the little form so we know who to send your reward to if you win.
  4. Sit back and start hoping. Within 72 hours, the Fantastic Easter Bunny may get in touch to tell you you’ve won!

Surely, there’s some small print, though?

Well, no – not really. You just need to live within the M25 area of London or in Oxford to be in with a chance of winning. Do bear in mind though that the times and dates which are available for any freebies or vouchers you win are subject to availability.

Happy Easter from Fantastic Services!

Follow this link to find the Fantastic Easter Advent Calendar 2019.

Check to see what the prize is today. Then check back tomorrow! You can win a prize every day until 20th April.

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