Federation of Master Cleaners – Fantastic Gain Membership!

Fantastic Services was created to solve a problem: to be a cleaning company that people could call when they needed to be absolutely sure they’d get a certain high standard of workmanship. In short, our mission was to be a home cleaning service you could trust. So getting any sort of official recognition that we’ve accomplished this mission is always a fantastic thing.

That’s why we’re so pleased to announce that Fantastic Services is now a member of the Federation of Master Cleaners! The Federation only allows the very best in the industry to wear its winged badge.

Here’s why.

Created with the aim of “protecting consumers and promoting cleaning companies”, the Federation of Master Cleaners only accepts members which it is sure will meet its exacting standards.

A commitment to excellence is their starting point for potential applicants. Because with their goal of helping cleaning companies grow by promoting consumer confidence in the quality they deliver, the Federation knows that every action of every single one of their members needs to reflect well on the industry as a whole.

What does this mean for you?

Having your home cleaned by a “Master Cleaner” sounds good, right? But we forgive you if your first thought is “but what does this mean for me?

Using a Federation-approved cleaner means:

  • Peace of mind – the Federation has extra ways of vetting any cleaners who get to wear its winged badge.
  • An officially approved standard of service – a Fantastic supervisor is already an excellent first line of quality defence, but the Federation of Master Cleaners has its own high standards of service which it has judged that we meet.
  • Another level of trust – the Fantastic Services mission has always been to become a cleaning company which you could trust, whatever you hired us to do. With Federation approval, we’ve taken another big step down this road.

You can discover more about what Fantastic Services being a member means for you over on the Federation of Master Cleaners website.

Book home cleaning

But the many handy ways in which you can book home cleaning from us haven’t changed.

You can still:

  • Give us a call via our 24-hour support line
  • Fire off our online booking form at any time
  • Type into the always-staffed chat facility here on our website
  • Download our GoFantastic app for FREE! Book any service in under a minute.

You can download GoFantastic from both the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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