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Nine Days to Build a New Home? Fantastic Helps DIY SOS!

Can you build an entire house in nine days? With a family of two dads, two boys, and two girls all needing to share one tiny, rickety bungalow on the Isle of Sheppey, the DIY: SOS team decided it was up to the challenge!

Luckily, a whole group of local volunteers jumped at the chance to help. As did some specialist tradesmen, including a team of builders and team of gardeners from Fantastic Services…

Fantastic Services was contacted by the organisers of DIY: SOS about The Big Build project in October last year. They told us about the family which was currently living in the bungalow: Garry and Kyle have adopted four children, three of whom have disabilities which mean they require a lot of care. Their children include Haydn, who has cerebral palsy, Curtis who is blind, severely epileptic, and often suffers from potentially fatal chest infections, Bella who has Down’s syndrome, and her sister Phoebe.

Looking after a family with such diverse needs in such a small a home was making life very difficult indeed for the dedicated dads, so it was time to do something about it…

What Was the Mission?

DIY: SOS decided to do all of the following within nine days:

  • Completely demolish the house
  • Build an entirely new home and garden
  • Take all the needs of the family into consideration

Working with all of the other volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to the project, we were very proud of what we managed to accomplish!

Our Belief in Corporate Social Responsibility

When we were contacted by the organisers of the show, we were really pleased to be given the opportunity. Fantastic Services’ mission – to make life simpler for people – has given us a lot, so it’s always good to be offered the chance to give something back to people who really need it.

We’re big believers in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). If you think you have a charity project which the Fantastic Services team might be able to help you with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

And make sure to watch the full episode and see our teams of Fantastic Gardeners and Fantastic Builders in action, here.

Head down to the gallery below to see pictures from the job:

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