Enhance your home interior with our Cult Furniture partnership

If you’ve done redecorating work around your home, you know what a pain it is to find good quality, but still budget-friendly, furniture pieces. The golden rule goes as such: 

If it looks good and is budget-friendly, it’s not going to be very sturdy.

If it’s built with quality materials and looks stylish, it will be expensive. 

If it’s easy on the wallet and made to last, the piece will be, well, ugly.

How are you supposed to enjoy the creative process of designing your new space, when such thoughts have invaded your mind?! 

Well, we’ve found a company that has broken the golden rule of furniture shopping: 

Cult Furniture. 

What is Cult Furniture?

Cult Furniture is a UK-based company that believes that everyone deserves to improve their home with stylish furniture pieces. Combining evergreen mid-century designs, vibrant colours, and, of course, a lot of love, Cult Furniture brings something truly unique to the interior design scene. 

That said, creating beautiful furniture is only half of the brand’s story. 

Well, ⅓ to be exact. 

Cult Furniture strives to build pieces that will last. The company works directly with its fair-trade factories and constantly invests in new machines and design moulds. By doing this, Cult Furniture can ensure the construction of quality, yet affordable pieces.

And while on the topic of prices, this company has made sure that everyone can enjoy their stylish furniture creations. The pieces are budget-friendly, without compromising the quality of the item, and if you wish to get an even lower price, you can always visit Cult Furniture’s clearance outlet, located in their HUGE warehouse.

Why do we like Cult Furniture?

Let’s be honest – professional property maintenance or home improvement and furniture just go hand in hand. Still, here are just a few of the many reasons why we like Cult Furniture: 

  • The perfect combination – Three words – Style. Quality. Price. 
  • Evergreen pieces – The company believes that trends are something very important when it comes to designing furniture, but after all, are temporary. That’s why Cult Furniture tries to improve what’s hip now, so their pieces can thrive in the years to come. Basically, your home will never look out of style with Cult Furniture. 
  • You get a warranty – All of Cult Furniture’s pieces have a full no quibble 14-day money-back guarantee and come with a 2-year warranty.
  • Buying guides – Not sure what to buy or combine it with your other furniture? Cult Furniture provides its customers with an in-depth guide on materials, colours, styles, and a long list of inspirational ideas. 

Sounds awesome, right? But it gets better! 

Fantastic Services is happy to announce that Cult Furniture has decided to partner up with us! 

Now, all of our Fantastic Club members get to spruce up their homes with a Cult Furniture piece with 8% off its original price! 

How to get your promo code

All you have to do is follow these steps: 

  1. Visit your Fantastic account;
  2. Locate the Fantastic Treats section.
  3. Find our Cult Furniture offer and get your discount code! 

Note: The promo code can be used multiple times for orders over £100 until 11/08/2020 and can’t be combined with other deals. 

Become a Fantastic Club member now!

If you decide to join our family, you’ll have the chance to use a ton more benefits like our Cult Furniture discount! All of our Fantastic Club members get awesome perks like special deals for luxury items, a constantly expanding list of discount codes, adventure days off and more! Visit our website for details about the club.

Header Image: Cult Furniture

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