To get the perfect results when cleaning your home, you need great vision. So what makes more sense than a partnership between Fantastic and an independent British eyewear company…

Okay. We might be pushing it a bit with the link here. But provider of boutique handmade eyewear EyeRespect has got some great glasses and spectacle frames for both men and women. So we’re very happy indeed that they’re interested in partnering up with us.

Now, simply for being a Fantastic customer, you can GET A MASSIVE £30 OFF eyewear with your next purchase from EyeRespect.

EyeRespect has a pretty stunning range. Especially if, like some of the optically-challenged members of the Fantastic Services office team, you usually rely on your local opticians to provide your look for the coming year. Seriously – go check them out.

What you get from Fantastic’s partnership with EyeRespect

The newest special deal from your Fantastic account gets you:

  1. £30 OFF your orders with EyeRespect
  2. No limits on which part of their range you can choose from

There’s no small print! Simply get your code from your Fantastic Treats page and use it when you make your next eyewear order. All you need is to have already used your Fantastic account to order a service with us.

Get money off eyewear

There have been a few members of the Fantastic office team spending a little too much work time perusing the EyeRespect website during their breaks, so they’ve definitely caught some interest here.

There are a few things we really like about EyeRespect:

  • Their glasses and sunglasses are all handmade in Britain – Fantastic Services is big on supporting your local community. As EyeRespect only sell items made by local artisans and factories, that’s a point in their favour in our eyes.
  • The “respect” part of their name – EyeRespect puts a lot of effort into helping the average buyer understand how their glasses work and where they came from.
  • Well priced – there’s a tendency for anything with a “handmade” or “designer” label to get a bit out of control when it comes to cost. EyeRespect has a good range of prices – helped along a little by your Fantastic voucher code, of course!
If this is all sounding like it’s right up your street, you can claim your £30 OFF eyewear voucher like so:

  1. Log into your Fantastic account (if you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for free here).
  2. If you’ve already booked a service with us at any time in the past, you’re good to go!
  3. Locate your Fantastic treats page and get your voucher code
  4. Make your selection on the EyeRespect website and enter your code to get £30 off eyewear
  5. Optionally, go back to your Fantastic Treats page and see what else takes your eye!

More than money off glasses and sunglasses

If you don’t need any sunnies for your next holiday or new frames your latest prescription, there’s a lot more which your Fantastic account gets you. It’s all without any requirement to book anything new unless you need to, remember!

Log on to your Fantastic account and check your Treats page regularly. In the past, we’ve had deals on beer, wine, spa days, clothes, healthy snacks for kids, Valentine’s Day gifts and more.

  • Last update: February 11, 2019

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