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Save time on healthy eating and housework – thanks to our partnership with Fresh Fitness Food

Do you often find time slipping through your fingers? Time spent cleaning, tidying, shopping and cooking? If so, this latest Fantastic partnership is the one for you…

Fresh Fitness Food is pretty much Fantastic Services’ ideal partner:

They deliver healthy meals (designed by a Michelin-star trained menu consultant) to your doorstep every day. And those meals follow the nutrition plan they’ve created for you to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

That’s already saved you the time to plan, shop and cook – on top of the usual house cleaning you get from your Fantastic professionals.

What’s more, with Fantastic’s new partnership with Fresh Fitness Food, you’ll get 10% OFF your first order. There’s never been a better time to try it out… 

Who are Fresh Fitness Food?

Fresh Fitness Food’s catchphrase is “Healthy, delicious meals delivered daily.” This neatly sums up what the company is all about. (Plus, we really like how short and snappy it is.)

They send you convenient, healthy – and tasty! – professionally-prepared meals to your door daily.

The meals follow a tailored plan which they create for you to help you reach your health and fitness targets. This might be to lose a little fat, build muscle or just generally eat a bit healthier with no effort involved.

Why do we like them?

First of all, their food is delicious. We know that’s not supposed to be the main point here, but still…


  • They create a personal meal plan just for you: eating healthily with your goals in mind isn’t something that’s easy to do unless you’re some kind of nutritionist. Luckily, Fresh Fitness Food are qualified experts in the science behind eating well. They make it easy to know you’re eating the right thing.
  • It cuts out meal preparation time: something both Fantastic Services and Fresh Fitness Food customers tend to have in common is a lack of time. Having beautifully-prepared food arrive on your doorstep saves you a lot of kitchen and shopping as well as cleaning up time!
  • It’s just great food: okay, we did already mention this one – and there are loads of other benefits, like the personal nutritionist who’ll keep editing your plan as your goals change and diet and nutrition optimisation – but the high-quality ingredients and expert chefs who make it make the food really pop. Just take a look at their website!

What you get from this Fantastic partnership?

Get 10% OFF your first Fresh Fitness Food order – just for being a member of the Fantastic Club.

As long as you’re in the areas they cover, you’re good to go.

How to get your Fresh Fitness Food discount?

If you’re already part of the Fantastic Club, all you need to do is:

  1. Log into your Fantastic account.
  2. Click over to your Fantastic Treats page in the members-only area.
  3. Copy-and-paste the voucher code for Fresh Fitness Food.
  4. Use it on your first order from their website. 

Join the Fantastic Club today!

Join the club right now and you’ll be instantly eligible for this great Fresh Fitness Food discount – as well as money off and special offers from a never-ending and ever-changing array of partners:

Beer and wine, luxury bedding, adventure days out, jewellery…

You name it, we’ve almost certainly had something you’re into feature recently. Who knows what we’ll have in the future!

Header Image Source: Fresh Fitness Food

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