Let in your Fantastic team and Airbnb guests, the easy way with KeyNest!

Do you love Fantastic’s professionals but can’t always be there to let us in? If so, our new partnership with KeyNest has got you covered:

KeyNest is the UK’s biggest key exchange service. They’re a smart, secure and hassle-free way to store keys and hand them over to Fantastic Professionals, Airbnb guests or friends, without needing to wait around to meet them in person…

Unlock the benefits of this latest Fantastic partnership today and get 50% OFF your first month with KeyNest. If you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time.

Who are KeyNest?

An official partner of Airbnb since 2017 and trusted to share the keys of over half a million people to date, KeyNest are a name you can count on.

All you need to do is drop your keys off at a KeyNest store when it’s a good time for you. You get a 6-digit code which you share with the person you want to be able to pick-up your keys from your KeyNest later. Job done!

There are currently thousands of KeyNest locations across Europe and North America. Your closest KeyNest is probably a five-minute walk away.

Each is protected by 24-hour surveillance and anonymous key storage. Plus, you get update notifications meaning that you’ll always know where your keys are.

Why do we like them?

KeyNest is already used by estate agents, Airbnb hosts, short-term rental managers and busy city residents.

It’s an absolute dream come true. Plus:

  • No more dodgy hiding places – no more leaving keys under the mat, in umbrella stands, outside through the open gate beneath a stone next to the gnome (we’ve seen them all!). Your keys are kept in a local store with 24-hour security.
  • The codes are ultra-secure – unlike other methods we’ve seen for leaving keys “safely” around the place, KeyNest codes are single-use, 6-digit and you get updated when they’re used.
  • You can access your keys 24/7 – your secure KeyNest storage can usually be accessed any time you need to. It’s great for late-arriving guests.

What you get from this Fantastic partnership?

As a member of the Fantastic Club, you’ll get 50% OFF your first month with KeyNest.

There’s never been a better time to try out their service! Check out where you can find the closest KeyNest to you (there are currently more than 2500 worldwide).

How to get your KeyNest discount?

If you’re a Fantastic Club member, here’s what you do:

  1. Log into your Fantastic account.
  2. Find your Fantastic Treats page in the members-only area.
  3. Locate the KeyNest special offer.
  4. Use it when you set up your service and you’ll get your first month half price!

Join the Fantastic Club today!

Join the club today and start benefiting from all kinds of deals.

Our partnership with KeyNest is just the first in a long line of savings you could be making on speciality wine, luxuries, magnificent bed linens, adventure days out, designer frames and much more.

Log in today to see what you could be saving tomorrow!

Header Image: KeyNest

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