Want to be double-pampered in your own home with our latest Fantastic partnership with LeSalon?

Having someone do all of your home cleaning and chores is a fantastic way to relax…

But why not book an in-home beauty or wellness service and let an expert come round and pamper you afterwards too?

It’s the perfect combination for the ultimate in relaxation. (It’s also the reason we’re particularly pleased that we’ve just started our second partnership with the brilliant LeSalon.)

This new partnership means you get £10 OFF home beauty services. It’s time to let LeSalon bring the salon to you!

Who are LeSalon?

LeSalon are the people who bring you professional beauty and wellness services in the comfort of your own home.

They’re also the team creating reliable, flexible careers for beauty therapists:

They allow each professional to choose their own hours and terms. But they also give them access to training, financial advice and other support which they wouldn’t get working for themselves or in a traditional salon.

All in all, it’s an absolute win-win.

Why do we like their home beauty services?

On top of the fact that you can rely on them for quality and timeliness because LeSalon carefully vets all of its pros or “Salonettes” (that’s something we have in common), we also like that:

  • You get matched with your perfect therapist – the smart LeSalon platform matches you with the best therapist for your needs, timetable and area.
  • It’s incredibly convenient – one of the things which put some members of the Fantastic office team off regular health and beauty appointments is finding the time to go to the salon in the first place! LeSalon therapists can come into your office on your lunch break or even the hotel you’re staying at as well as your own home.
  • They do appointments for everyone – some people in the Fantastic office would never normally think of visiting a salon. Particularly for some of the guys, the privacy LeSalon offers makes health and beauty treatments suddenly much more appealing.

What you get from this Fantastic partnership

Of course, this Fantastic partnership comes with its own financial benefits for you:

All you need to do is book your first appointment with LeSalon and, as a Fantastic Club member, you get £10 OFF your home beauty service.


How to get your money off voucher

Like all our Fantastic treats, being a Fantastic Club member is all you need to qualify for this deal.

If you haven’t heard about this before, firstly: where have you been? Secondly, here’s how to claim:

  1. If you don’t have a Fantastic account, you can sign up for free now.
  2. Log in and book your first service with us (if you’ve already got an account and used it, you’re good to go!).
  3. Become a member of our Fantastic Club to enjoy all the benefits it brings. For more information please click here.
  4. Visit your Fantastic Treats page.
  5. Search for the LeSalon deal and find the voucher code.
  6. Order your first service from LeSalon and get £10 OFF!

Come back for more Fantastic treats

After you’ve grabbed your LeSalon discount code, there’s no reason to stop there! This is just the latest extra free little gifts that being part of the Fantastic Club gives you.

This year we’ve already had special deals on artisan coffee, beer, on-demand dry cleaning, amazing jewellery, stunning bouquets of flowers you can order online and much more.

Keep on visiting your Fantastic Treats page to see what new goodies are in store.

Heather Image Source: LeSalon

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