Get your free VISA or MASTERCARD from Revolut – thanks to our latest Fantastic partnership!

Our latest Fantastic partnership is something a little special…

Have you heard of Revolut? How about getting a free VISA or MasterCard and £10 top-up value from the electronic money giant?

That’s exactly what you can get right now if you’re a Fantastic Club member and you haven’t previously signed up to Revolut. Hurry, as the offer is only valid until 30th of November.

What is Revolut?

Launched in July 2015, Revolut is a prepaid card and app used by 7m+ customers across Europe, Singapore and Australia to make massive savings on fees when spending and sending money abroad.

If you travel abroad and you haven’t heard of them, where have you been? Literally!

With $8 billion of transactions monthly, they’re the fastest-growing FinTech company in Europe.

Why do we like Revolut?

As a truly international team, we’ve got several Revolut customers in the Fantastic Services offices already. We asked them why they like Revolut so much.

They told us:

  • It’s quick and easy – you can open an app-based account in minutes. Then you can withdraw £200 per month free from international ATMs (with a 2% fee thereafter).
  • You can use it around the world – you can spend anywhere with no fees in over 150 countries. Plus, you can hold and exchange 29 different currencies and with a contactless MasterCard or Visa. (It also works with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum).
  • They offer different plans to match your needs – the Revolut Premium and Metal plans offer £400 and £600 free monthly ATM withdrawals respectively as well as numerous other benefits like exclusive card designs, overseas medical insurance and more.
  • You can use Revolut at home too – with individual GBP and EUR IBANs auto-savings, cutting edge budgeting and analytics, Revolut is also perfect for spending at home.

What this Fantastic partnership gives you

If you’ve been thinking about giving Revolut a try, this offer is the perfect opportunity. You’ll get:

  1. A free VISA or MasterCard
  2. Free delivery of the card
  3. £10 top-up value for a month

Get your free VISA or MasterCard and £10 top-up value

Are you a Fantastic Services customer? Have you already booked a service with us? And most importantly – are you a Fantastic Club member yet?

If your answers to all of the above are “YES”, then that’s great! You qualify to take advantage of this Fantastic partnership!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Log into your Fantastic account
  2. Open your Fantastic Treats page
  3. Follow the link to open your Revolut account

If you’re not already a Fantastic account holder, you can sign up for free here. Then book your first service and become a Fantastic Club member to access your Fantastic Treats page. Information about our Fantastic Club and the benefits it brings to you is available here.

Log in for more Fantastic Treats

There’s a lot more on your Fantastic Treats page than this (admittedly brilliant) special offer from Revolut.

Only recently, we’ve had money off in-home spa and manicure services, wonderful fresh flowers you can order online, luxury jewellery and a whole lot more.

Keep on coming back to your Fantastic Treats page to see what’s new this week!

Header Image Source: Revolut

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